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Ballet Shops manchester area

Mouseys mum

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Move Dance Wear is right in the centre of Manchester. Fouette in Urmston Manchester is close ish to the Intru Trafford Centre if he's in a car and is a beautiful shop.


I've bought so many beautiful gifts for my dd at Centre Pointe in Denton (Manchester) for birthdays/xmas Manchester, they have bags, jewelry boxes. As well as beautiful leotards, shoes.


Not sure about Crewe or Liverpool.


Have fun! Hope he enjoys his visit X

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When I lived in the north west, I went to Move Dancewear in the Northern Quarter, as already mentioned. I found it had great stock, and lots & lots of stuff I wanted! The range was really good - sometimes dance shops only stock stuff for the children, & you have to order everything else, but Move had a great range in the shop.

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