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Janet Cram Awards - Today in London


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Just back from a long day in london watching this. The standard was simply amazing and massive congratulations to dd's friend who won the Junior Championship and their fantastic teacher. For those who haven't heard of this it as a National Modern competition organised by the ISTD

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Hi also just arrived home from Janet Cram, yes the competition was amazing congrats to your DD's friend and teacher, my DD got junior runner-up

I found it extremely emotional and my DD's friend tied with the junior solo award for her dance. Very enjoyable day.

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It is a wonderful competition! Last year my younger DD was in the final after winning the junior class prize in the Northern heat (there were two junior classes that year and two class prize winners). The whole ethos of the competition was amazing. For those who don't know the comp, they have set syllabus exercises, then free work plus their individual dance, so I feel it gives a very fair and rounded opportunity for the dancers and for the panel to make their judgments. It is very professional and everyone I know who has taken part has found it a very positive experience. My daughters are now at vocational school so didn't take part this year, but well done to our friend who went though to the final this year f(for the second time!) from our old dance school who danced beautifully today and had a lovely time.

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