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Dancers' questionnaires Graham Spicer (GramMilano)

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As a fan of Viktorina Kapitonova I have seen that she has  a questionnaire about all aspects of her life on Graham Spicer's blog. As do a lot of famous dancers. It is based on the Proust questionnaire, and asks questions about starting dancing, favourite roles, choreographers, best and worst things about themselves etc. I found them very interesting, once you read one, you read the next.


Viktorina Kapitonova's questionnaire the latest and starting point to all of your favourites.

Its a great blog site I must say.


I would be interested to know who's are the favourite blogs or answers. there is Xander Parish, Francesca Hayward, Marijn Rademaker, James Whiteside, Cynthia Harvey, Steve McCrae, and load's more.



Its like ballet's version of desert Island Discs


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Thanks for the link, I loved these and read many of them. I especially like Xander Parish's, Gary Avis's and Vadim's. I'd like the whole Royal Ballet to do it, I'd read them all!


Thank you for the tips, I very much enjoyed reading Gary Avis's which was a bit hidden.

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