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  1. I found it an odd choice for an opener, especially coming after the Sleeping Beauty music. I thought they'd start with something joyful after that!
  2. Yay! I was gutted to have missed this, especially after reading all the forum reviews.
  3. I was lucky to see it in Copenhagen and it's one of my favourite modern ballets. Love the music and found it joyous and moving. I remember having tears in my eyes as the curtain came down, and I love it when an abstract ballet can do that!
  4. The music of the first few pieces made them unwatchable for me. Loved Runaway and the Times Are Racing and wish they'd shown them in their entirety!
  5. I was quite surprised at Valentino Zucchetti's frankness in discussing his disappointment about his rank/not being given more opportunities he thinks he deserves.
  6. I'm sad too. His music is so beautiful and emotional. I also discovered him through Within the Golden Hour.
  7. Just watched Your Flesh Shall Be a Great Poem by Trey McIntyre and really enjoyed it. Great music and witty choreography. I've hardly ever seen ballet to modern music with lyrics and it was a nice change.
  8. I saw on YouTube that the full performance [Broken Wings] starring Tamara Rojo will be streamed on 22nd April at 7pm. Excited to see this ballet again!
  9. Totally agree. And lots of nuance in the first two acts rather than just 'haughty' or 'cad.' He's one of my favourite dance actors and I never want him to retire!
  10. Wow! I think that was my favourite ballet performance I've ever attended. I saw the last run and it didn't blow me away, possibly because it was only the second ballet I'd ever seen or due to the dancer playing Onegin not being much of an actor. No such problem tonight! Naghdi and Bonelli had great chemistry and their storytelling and characterisation were crystal clear, especially in the last pas de deux where she played Tatiana's conflicting emotions so convincingly. There's nothing extraneous in the choreography and the music and costumes are gorgeous. Are these the most beauti
  11. Can't believe he wasn't a first soloist already as he does so many principal roles!
  12. Yes she did and she was wonderful! Her dancing is so fluid and spontaneous looking and her characterisation was great. I do think it's a shame that Franz barely gets to dance until Act 3 though. Having said that I loved this ballet and hope it's revived more regularly.
  13. I saw an interview where Francesca Hayward said there was no wind machine, that was the actual wind!
  14. I only made it to 4 performances this year unfortunately, but my highlight was The Two Pigeons with Choe and Campbell. I miss their partnership and find this ballet so whimsical and moving. And of course I burst into tears when the pigeons were reunited!
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