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  1. So jealous of everyone at the matinee. Every role seems like dream casting. So gutted I'm away for both performances. How was Corrales?
  2. I'm looking at booking for one of the events in the Hamlyn Hall but I'm unsure which way the 'stage' is facing. Is the front literally in front of the word Stage on the diagram? If so it seems strange that they would have so many seats that would have a view of the dancers' backs! Can anyone advise?
  3. They haven't said anything about James Hay, so I'm hoping he'll still be dancing Two Pigeons.
  4. I wish they would sell them on iTunes, Google Play, etc. as a lot of people don't have dvd players anymore.
  5. Me too! And if it is nerves it's quite endearing that he still gets them after all these years.
  6. I've seen his hands visibly shaking for the first few minutes in the last runs of Manon and Mayerling but then he seems to relax after he's done his first solo.
  7. The other difficult thing is where there is casting for mixed bills it's all listed randomly rather than separated into different ballets, which is confusing: 路Conductor Koen Kessels 路Masha Marianela Nu帽ez 路Conductor Barry Wordsworth 路Blue Boy Marcelino Samb茅 路Principal Sarah Lamb 路Lt. Coronel Vershinin Thiago Soares 路Les Patineurs TBC 路Irina Francesca Hayward 路Olga Itziar Mendizabal
  8. It's crazy, some dates seem to have no casting and others have double or triple.
  9. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/28/arts/dance/in-city-ballet-shake-up-one-dancer-out-and-two-suspended.html
  10. The Bonelli cast was electric, and I'm gutted they didn't give them the cinema relay. Who knows if Bonelli and Morera will still be dancing next time it comes round. I wonder if Morera is well now.
  11. Not sure about suitability for Don Q but I noticed Ball's comedic ability when he danced Lysander in the Dream, especially when he and Hermia were going to sleep for the night and he tried to kiss her but she turned and gave him her check. He reacted with abject horror and I was really amused 馃槀
  12. It seems impossible to choose one Two Pigeons cast. A good problem to have I suppose.
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