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  1. Hi @Beadancer, I know that at least two girls were offered places from the MDS waiting list last year. Good luck! Edit: I should have said that was for year 7 entry specifically.
  2. It definitely doesn't matter. I'd keep it plain and simple though. Belts are not necessary and whatever shoes your DD usually dances in. And remember, socks not tights! Good luck!
  3. If you still need help, I would be happy to try to answer your question.
  4. Hi, all places in the first round of offers at Tring are day places, as far as I know. If your DD secures a funded place, then a boarding place will also be awarded - the MDS students automatically get boarding places. My DD is in year 7 with an MDS, and her initial offer after the first audition was a day place with the funding audition. Following the funding audition she was awarded the funding and the boarding place together. All MDS students currently in year 7/first form are boarders. I know of several girls attending the year 8 funding audition. If it helps, there do seem to be
  5. Last year they held auditions in January and February/March. I think the last first rounds were only a week or two before the funding audition. We heard back quickly from our audition though, we didn’t have to wait until they’d completed all the first rounds.
  6. Yes, year 10 is known as fourth form at Tring. Year 7 is first form and so on. Good luck with your application, it’s a wonderful place.
  7. The schools are definitely looking for different things. My dd auditioned last year for year 7. She was rejected by Elmhurst after the first audition, got to finals for White Lodge, and was awarded an MDS at Tring which was by far her favourite school (and mine). I think she got the Elmhurst rejection first and was convinced the other schools would reject her too, so no matter what one school says, don’t be disheartened: one school’s treasure and all that.
  8. Thank you Tulip, my dd starts at Tring in a few weeks and the nerves are starting to kick in (for me - she’s totally fine!) 😬
  9. This is very exciting! A wonderful group of teachers (and humans!) who have been so incredibly inspiring and nurturing towards my dd. This is going to be an amazing summer intensive!
  10. Thanks all - and fingers crossed for you all too, I hope you get positive news soon. It’s a real rollercoaster this school audition thing, I didn’t expect it to be quite so emotional! xx
  11. Tring have already moved to the waiting list - my DD got an MDS offer from the waiting list today, year 7. Super excited (and a bit terrified!)
  12. The original letter says 7-10 days after the audition.
  13. Hi Flower, my daughter is in the year 7 girls funding audition so I hope this helps. They need to arrive at 8:45 am on Tuesday. There will be a 90 minute ballet class and they must arrive ready for class. They may also need to attend a 15 minute physio appointment - organised alphabetically and departure times will be set accordingly (so I assume if you're early in the alphabet you pick her up earlier than if your name starts with z!) That's virtually all the letter says - results will be 7-10 days after the audition. Good luck!
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