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  1. Thanks guys. Wasn't expecting such a warm welcome.
  2. I know I'm a newbie with no posts behind my belt and a crappy avatar and a post that doesn't quite belong here. But I'm desperate looking for an outfit for my Annie (7). She's really slim and is really anxious. It's her first competition, so I want to boost her spirits any way I can. I'm thinking about custom tailoring (on a budget though). Has anybody ever ordered such a thing online? Found this one: https://rg-leotard.com/artistic_gymnastics/artistic_leotards. They say they're all custom made, but I'd like to hear some customer reviews. Tried looking for an outfit locally, but we recently moved so I'm not quite acclimatized to Houston yet. Sorry again.
  3. Is it possible to post whole pictures here, or links only?
  4. I'm new to this. Can anybody give a hint where to get a starter pack (sorry, silly joke)? My 7 yo soon to start and I have no idea where to buy those. Update: I live in Houston, but we don't have too many active forums regarding this issue and folks in here seem to really know the deal.
  5. Does anyone know the figures of what % of dancers quits in young age due to injuries?
  6. Does anybody know the cost of shipping those to US?
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