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  1. Thanks, this is really helpful and fits with how I'm doing with Valentina's suggestion. I am looking to a point and thinking about my nose pointing to it rather than 'seeing' it, and then as I turn my head I am turning my nose back to the start point. I've even practised it with my eyes closed so I feel the direction of the nose. Your recommendation to turn the head after 8th of the turn seems far more achievable and is probably more like what I do when my turn goes better. If you can elaborate any more about your technique that would be great but how you have described it is very clear. Thank you. I'm working towards RAD Intermediate Foundation and it's the turns I need to get sorted - just getting round is not enough, they need to be technically ok.
  2. Am I right in thinking the RAD give exam marks for the spotting technique?
  3. Thank you for this clear tutorial. I will start practising this today and do it each day for a month and see what happens. I am a great believer in trying things each day for a period of time. I usually find it makes a big difference - even if I don't think it will when i start. I would rather learn to spot properly than just get by with poor or no spotting, as I'm not likely to progress if I can't get the foundations right. 'Project Spotting' starts today and I'll keep you updated.
  4. Yes, that is one option... ! i'll persist with trying to learn to spot better, but if all else fails, maybe I'll work on being a successful non-spotter??
  5. Hi Valentina, if I get the set up of the pirouette (or turn) correct, and maintain the position, then I can do a single turn with reasonable form though there is plenty of room for improvement. I have never tried doing a double turn but I should - if only to see what happens. I have two main teachers - one says I very rarely spot with my head and wants me to whip it round in what feels like a very fast and uncomfortable turn.She wants me to feel like I'm hitting my face with my ponytail. My other teacher says when I try to do this it's far too fast for the speed of the turn required - and when I slow it down it does feel more achievable. On no occasion do I get dizzy with a single turn, multiple chaines make me a bit at sea but I think this is not uncommon (especially for older adults like me). At a recent workshop the teacher talked about spotting with your knee and nose. I can't recall the full instruction but the concept of spotting with my nose rather than my eyes seems easier to understand and it gets over the issue of waiting for my eyes to refocus. If I understood her correctly, I should look to keep my nose in the line of the spot and then turn my head to take my nose back to the start position. Does this make any sense? x
  6. I bet loads of people are now saying "yay! I hear it too and it's horrid"
  7. I know it sounds really weird! if you turn your head to the side quite quickly do you hear a creaking in your ears? - like you can hear your neck/spine moving? If I tense then wriggle my jaw I can hear the same sound. When I try to whip my head this is what I hear. It may be tension in my neck which causes it.
  8. I feel like I could write a book on the whys and wherefores of spotting from the wonderful tuition and visualisations several very well respected teachers have given me.... but I still can't spot!!!!!! After much analysis and probably a bit of overthinking it, I feel I have two main shortcomings: 1) I actually can't see the spot point very well in the first place and then the whole of my vision becomes rather a blur until after the turn. 2) I REALLY hate the creaky feeling spotting gives me in my ears so I think I hold my head stiff to avoid this. AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!!! Any suggestions will be gratefully received
  9. I should have kept a log of how many hours I got out of them. I'll perhaps do that for this next pair.
  10. **UPADTE** i am still loving my So Danca SD16 shoes and the Silky tights BUT my shoes have worn through on the end of the big toe on the left foot. I've ordered some more but did wonder if going through a pair of canvas shoes a month is normal?? Also - I bought some toe sepatators which I've worn for a little while each day. My toes feel much less old aged and bunched together
  11. I tried the Sansha Pro Split Sole but there were huge around my whole foot, and the Bloch Pro Elastic which fitted across the top of the foot but there was a lot of spare fabric down the side of my toes. I think I'm a bit fussy and I have funny toes because I have broken several of them more than once (not dance related). Canvas with a bit of stretch seems to fit them nicely and I'm discovering that the thinner the fabric the more I can feel the floor. Does that help you at all?
  12. Here's an updated on my trials of shoes, tights and modification of tights.... I tried hooking my convertible tights over my toes but leaving my big toe free. It was ok but the fabric between my big toe and first to got a bit gathered and became slightly uncomfortable but not painful. I tried a C fitting of the Bloch Zenith but they worked their way down my heel and finally slid off totally half way through class!!! I've tried several different pair of tights - makes sometimes unknown as I borrowed some of them - and have found I like the Silky convertibles best however they laddered on their second wear. reviews say they ladder easily and if that's the case they could be a costly option?? I tried the Capezio Hanami and So Danca SD16 shoes, settling for the SD16 in a medium (C) Fitting and so far these, combined with may beautifully laddered Silky tights, have given me an excellent toe to floor connection. The fabric of the SD16 is quite fine so I don't know how hard wearing they will be but hey! - that could be the price I have to pay for liking how they feel.
  13. So do you have a brand of tights you like best?
  14. Thanks for the suggestion and photo. This style is ok for my open classes but we have to wear full tights for the syllabus classes.
  15. My balance is generally fine, it's just the lack of connection with the floor.
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