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  1. Can I have the darker pink one please x
  2. Silky also do a ballet sock which is made of the same material as ballet tights. They’re brilliant and we’ve never had to use sock glue with them as they seem to just stay put!
  3. If this doesn’t sell, I am interested 😊
  4. As far as I can work out, the JA classes have not been moved permanently to a Sunday. From the emails we’ve received, It seems that the aim is to get back to the normal days and times as soon as it is possible. We’ve been given alternate dates for the Autumn term (our centre are opposite weekends to the CBA weekends) and they have listed Saturdays from January onwards but said that these dates have not yet been confirmed. I think it’s issues with venues that have forced the day change over the next few months.
  5. Could I please have the Claudia Dean and the Degas x
  6. I am interested in this please - could you just send a photo of the back of the leotard? thanks
  7. There is equal chance to get in to all JA years as they do expand the class each year - about 4-6 new Year 4s are taken on each year; they will move to Year 5 The following year but they add another 4-6 new Year 5s aswell so that that there is a Y4-5 JA class of about 16-18 children. Then all the Year 5s move up to Year 6 (8-12 of them) and they take on another 4-6 new ones to make a Y6 JA class of about 16 -18 children. hope that makes sense??!!!
  8. No not just for girls - there have been boys in some of the classes too 😊
  9. My girls have also done a couple of these classes organised through Devoted to Dance, and they absolutely loved them too - such a brilliant memory for them to make of their time dancing in lockdown 😀
  10. Hi Is this the latest Signature Collection leotard or a different style? thanks
  11. My enquiry was about lower school so it could well just be referring to Years 7-11 but the email said “All the MDS places have been accepted now but the reserve list will remain open until the end of the summer term (July 2020) in case the situation changes.”
  12. I had a reply to my email (had to re-send it a few times). All MDS have now been accepted but reserve list remains open until end of the academic year. They won’t tell you where on the list you are though.
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