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  1. Not sure if you’ve seen the latest email but they will accept a home test as long as you can report the results either via the government website or test and trace app 🙂
  2. You enter the results in test and trace when you go to an NHS testing centre (so if you have symptoms). All the work based lateral flow tests are entered through the government website but you still get a result from the NHS which is the evidence that Royal want to see.
  3. It will tell you where to report the result in the instructions
  4. Just so everyone knows, the school tests can’t be registered on the Test and Trace app as the barcode has to be reported to the government website rather than the app but you do then get a follow up result email from the NHS, which I have just confirmed with Royal is acceptable! I just wanted to clarify with them that there didn’t have to be evidence in our Test and Trace apps! Thought I’d let everyone know so nobody panics when you don’t get a code to input into the Test and trace app!
  5. Just make sure that the results are officially reported and you get a certificate. I have phoned a few places local to me that offer rapid Antigen testing but they just tell you the result rather than getting an official report confirming it!
  6. You will report the results of that test to the NHS (using the barcode) and get an official email and text confirming the test result, the name and DOB of the person taking the test.
  7. Thanks for sharing. The school tests (even though done at home) do provide an official result email from the NHS so they should be fine to use 🙂
  8. All the lateral flow tests that are being used by teaching staff and healthcare workers are self administered and self reported to the NHS. Even the secondary school children will be self administering their own tests at home once they have been shown how to do it over the first few weeks back at school ....!
  9. That’s not what I was told! They were quite happy with a self administered school test as long as the results were reported! As far as I am aware, most lateral flow tests are self administered even if you book to have it done somewhere - it’s only the antigen and pcr tests that are carried out by a healthcare worker/professional?
  10. Royal have told me that it’s fine to use one of the lateral flow tests from school as long as you can report the results and get confirmation back (eg it must have a barcode that is reported)
  11. Think Fourth Form Dance should be the next lot of results out - hopefully !!
  12. We have heard of lots of bad experiences with zoom auditions - you are completely reliant on zoom working on the day and your internet not playing up - so much stress and worry involved in that situation if something goes wrong. At least with a video you can film it when you feel happy and comfortable. There is no easy answer to any of this, but blaming the Associate providers seems a bit harsh in my opinion given that they are doing a great job and still providing a great experience for the children in these scary, sad times. My children quite enjoyed making their videos and like loo
  13. It’s pretty much the standard audition that they run in live auditions too so I’m not sure what you expect them to do - lots of people will be reapplying so already know the video format; you can’t expect them to change their audition process completely surely ? I’m sure people would moan if they did that too. I don’t think they have had any choice with their Associate Programmes - the centres that they use dictate when and how the can use the facilities and numbers in the groups have had to be changed. My experience of other Associate Schemes is exactly the same over the last 6 mon
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