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  1. Mr Reece Clarke posted on his Instagram story a video of himself clay pigeon shooting at Luton Hoo Estate. Perhaps he was pulled from the Don Q performances so as not to further aggravate his injury and keep him healthy for R&J? Just my speculation. I look forward to reading all your thoughts on R&J.
  2. Please keep the reviews coming. I am off to work this morning and waiting with bated breath to know what you think. Thank you in (impatient) anticipation one and all.
  3. Slightly off topic, but may I please know if Wei Wang is guesting with the Royal Ballet or has he joined the Royal Ballet? The information on the ROH website isn't very clear. Thank you in advance.
  4. Compliments of the Season to one and all from Singapore. Thank you for sharing your views and reviews here, I am lapping it all up as this is the closest I'll get to "watching" the RB's Nutcracker. What little of it I've watched on YouTube looks lovely (Ms Nunez and Mr Muntagirov do make it all look so effortless) and since I am a huge fan of the RB, I'll take what I can get, be it excessive children on stage, Clara and HP dancing with the Snowflakes etc! Best wishes to everyone for the new year.
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