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  1. I’m looking for 1 evening ticket for a Friday, 20th of April, performance of Lady Macbeth. Price range <50£, thank you.
  2. Thanks everyone for your thoughts shared!
  3. I've got my Disclosure form, as I've been assisting with kids. I also passed ISTD Inter which I was told is an entry requirement for further teaching qualifications. I hope if I decide to go RAD this can be used as well. If no then I'll probably go ISTD.
  4. I would like to thank everyone for their suggestions, they were really helpful! Would also like to find someone who would be interested in practicing modern dance (Graham, Cunningham technique or any other) in Aberdeen, Scotland? I would like to organize some sort of club of modern dance.
  5. Hello, dear Forum, Plenty of useful information, experienced and knowlegeable commentators, pleasure to read. At the moment I'm looking for suggestions as to wheather and how I can push my teaching carreer up. I was trained as a ballet dancer in Belarus, then continued in Moscow. Had a little stage experience, then quit (working elswhere), coming back regularly for classes for adults and former dancers. Here in the UK I have been giving a helping hand with freestyle ballet classes but in order to become a professional I learnt I had to learn the syllabi of one of the recognized dance societies. I was introduced to ISTD and I didn't particularly like it. I was also told that probably RAD was more difficult (unfortunately, the schools around me are all ISTD). There's another option UKA. I understand I'll have to invest quite a bit of money and time in my teaching carreer and I'm happy to pay, but for good quality stuff that is close to what I have been doing. I know that there's modern dance with ISTD (which I learnt and would be intrested in mastering) and that's a plus. I'm trying to find some part-time work to support my studies (including some free style, not purely ballet classes for adults, for example). For this purpose I'll have to have a dance teacher insurance. Which is the best way to get it? Summing up all above said: 1) Will RAD ballet syllabus be better than ISTD (youtube videos suggest that probably will) but I'd like to know other opinios, thank you Or may be I should look at IST an another angle. 2) Which is the best way to get insured 3) Any alternatives in Modern (just in case) Just a quick question to professional teachers. As I said I have been helping (assisting) with classes. The teacher who runs classes does it in a lovely manner, trying to bring to the attention of kids technical issues and being entertaining at the same time, but, the way kids look, is far from decent. If this was my work, I definitely wouldn't be satisfied. Sometimes I'm told that I'm waisting time by asking them, for example, to repeat a tendu combination (so the feet remember where exactly they are going). But it seems to me that Examiners are not really that looking for good technique or am I wrong? I understand that kids probably get away with alot of thing as they are cute as they are, but what about higher Grades and Inters and Adv pupils? Thank you for your helpful advice
  6. I would like to sincerely thank everyone for their impressions and photos shared. It's a chance for those who cannot be there to vividly imagine how performances went. I closed the season with the Bolshoi's Bright Stream in Moscow, but untortunately will not be able to come for any of their London performances.
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