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  1. The online edition of the Times has an interview with Carlos Acosta about the film based on his childhood ('Yuli') in which he mentions he will be taking over from David Bintley as artistic director at Birmingham Royal Ballet. I expect this is widely known and I must have missed the press announcement? Linda
  2. Thank you. I'm sorry I wasn't able to go even if it was a rather superficial look at arguably the most influential choreographers in ballet. I remember when there were Insight Days which could cover a subject in depth instead of the brief evenings (usually less than 2 hours) we get now. Such an important subject would be better covered in a full day but perhaps people can't spare the time or is it that the ROH management is trying to attract a younger audience with a presumed shorter attention span? Linda
  3. Can anyone tell me about the January 31st Insight? It was described as 'Masters of Ballet', so could refer to choreographers, companies or dancers and I was hoping it would be filmed but it isn't on YouTube. Linda
  4. Does the pigeon wrangler get a programme credit? After all, if the pigeons don't do their stuff perfectly in the last act, the story falls a bit flat. Linda
  5. Yes, not exactly surprising. But he is an excellent actor and I hope he can make the transition to the commercial stage as others like Adam Cooper and Martin Harvey did. Linda
  6. Ticket successfully mailed to friend - ain't technology wonderful! Linda
  7. Last minute I know but I have a Stalls Row A for tonight and I can't travel because of my back. It cost me £35 - yours for £20 if you live near enough to go. E-ticket so I can easily email it to you. Linda
  8. I'm going Saturday too, so looking forward to the performance now. Thanks for your post, Sim, it's really lifted me with anticipation despite the gloomy post-Christmas weather and general Brexit-induced gloom!
  9. Just how old is Polunin now? Surely he's not a boy anymore? It's very sad to see such talent thrown away but the best thing anyone can do for him now is to simply ignore him. When he doesn't get a reaction, maybe he'll realise how pointless all these stupid, childish stunts really are. He may yet return to ballet but if he doesn't learn how to behave I doubt he'll ever get, or keep, a contract with any of the major companies. And I doubt he's winning any friends amongst his compatriot Ukrainians. Poor deluded fool. Linda
  10. Poor Rupert. I assumed his departure from the RB was due to injury and was delighted to see him scheduled to dance with ENB but the fates seem to have conspired against him again. Linda
  11. I have a ticket for an Insight Evening later this month in the Clore. Can anyone tell me if the studio has been changed/"upgraded" as part of the new "Open" programme? Have to admit I'm hoping the seating has been improved as in the Linbury. Linda
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