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  1. I'm a bit late commenting on this but I went to see this on Wednesday night and absolutely loved every minute. For some reason over the years I have never seen R&J before so I have nothing to compare it to, but I've got to say that this is a very good looking production and really well staged. Jenna Roberts was Juliet- she was very convincing throughout, very spirited and light. She brought Juliet to life so well and she is such a lovely dancer as well obviously. Tyrone Singleton was Romeo- he's one of my favourite BRB dancers so it was nice to see him. I thought he was very strong throughout and they both gave passionate performances, had great chemistry and acted really well. What I really loved about this ballet is how much there is for everyone else to do as well! Rory Mackay was Tybalt, sword fighting extraordinaire! There is nothing better than a ballet sword fight surely haha! He was a very commanding Tybalt and really brought a lot to the role. Max Maslen was absolutely brilliant as Mercutio and my other favourite of the night was the lady who was playing one of the harlots. I think it was Yijing Zhang...she was wonderful and so full of life. I really feel like I've missed out by not making more of an effort to see it in the past so grateful that the Royal Ballet are doing it next year! I already can't wait!
  2. I was at a picturehouse too and act 4 towards the end was really bad- I missed some of what was going on right at the end. The other acts were all fine though. What a shame for you though...
  3. I saw it tonight at the cinema and I was completely blown away by it...I was in ballet heaven. Marianela and Vadim were outstanding. And the corps looked absolutely perfect to me. I love Marianela in pretty much anything and I think Vadim is obviously an incredible dancer but I've always been slightly underwhelmed by them as a couple. I couldn't really connect with their partnership in Giselle which surprised me but something definitely changed for me tonight as I believed in them 100% and they really swept me away to another world. I can't praise them enough...Marianela was heartbreaking as Odette and wicked as Odile. Vadim was completely believable as the discontented prince, longing for something different and finding it in Odette. I thought the sets were incredible and the costumes were really something else...absolutely beautiful. As a big fan of the skirts on the corps in the old production I have to say I think the tutus work a lot better. The costumes for the princesses are especially beautiful. The only costumes I didn't like was Benno's Nutcracker costume (!) and Von Rothbart...I just don't think they ever get Von Rothbart looking right. I'm not sure how I want him to look but he always looks a bit silly (to me I hasten to add) so no...I was not convinced by that costume but you can't win them all! I don't mind Benno's increased role. I can see how it might seem a tad annoying that he keeps popping up all the time to whisper in the corner with Siegfried but Alexander Campbell was so charming all night I didn't mind at all! Also, I loved the pas de trois...it was amazing. I don't think Siegfried seemed weak or sulky (well not tonight anyway, I guess it depends who's playing him!) I think he's just trapped in a life he doesn't want to be in so he doesn't really feel like doing much dancing before he meets Odette 😄. The reason Odette falls in love with him (in my head anyway) is not because he's some great hero but because he actually sees her as a person and he makes her feel free. Not because he's some big strong prince who's come to rescue her...that being said he could do a bit more to help in act 4 😁 What happens right at the end of Act 4 to make Siegfried lie down for so long? The lighting was unfortunately really bad at the end of act 4 and Siegfried only seemed to recover when Von Rothbart is defeated so I wasn't sure if I missed something as the screen was so dark. Also, I agree with a few people's comments about the ending. The music is crying out for the old ending! It's so beautiful and transcendent- it deserves the double suicide ending haha! I have booked to see the Osipova/Ball case next week and that's the only one I'm going to so that will be interesting, I'm really looking forward to seeing it live but tonight will take some beating!
  4. I was at the matinee too and the people behind me really spoilt it. I am not too bad with fidgeters, coughing or general rummaging if people will just shut up. I just cannot stand the talkers. I had a group of people behind me who'd never seen Sleeping Beauty before who kept asking each other what was going on, commenting that things were marvelous and then just making comments the whole way through. Grrrr. Anyway...I had very mixed feelings about the performance I saw. Sleeping Beauty is one of my absolute favourites and it was my first time seeing Macmillan's version so I was excited but it was a bit of a let down. I thought the principals were great...Jurgita Dronina was fantastic and gave a very strong performance. Rose Adagio was superb and I liked everything she did, for me she danced and acted the role brilliantly. I thought Issac Hernandez gave a strong performance and his variations looked really clean. I don't think they had the best chemistry ever but nevertheless I thought they sold it well. But when the principals weren't on stage I thought there was some pretty shaky solos and some dodgy partnering moments in the corps. I have seen ENB a lot recently and think they're on fine form but I just didn't think overall it was that great yesterday (bearing in mind I know nothing technical about ballet and was in a bad mood about talky talkers behind me so I could be talking rubbish 😄). Wish I had booked for another show after reading some of the great reviews on here...never mind!
  5. serenade

    RB Principal Pipeline

    Another Yuhui fan here! I think it will never happen but I think she's 100% principal material. Would love her to get promoted and be paired regularly with Alexander Campbell...I loved their partnership.
  6. My favourites would have to be: Everything from Jewels especially Emeralds...just beautiful Manon's black dress Marguerite's dresses The corp's swan costumes in RB's Swan Lake (I loved the long skirts instead of the tutu, I wonder what the new ones will be like!) Everyone's costumes in Elite Syncopations 😊 The costumes for the Snowflakes in pretty much any production of the Nutcracker
  7. I was there last night. Loved 2 of the 3 so that's a win in my book I really just didn't get Obsidian Tear at all, it just did nothing for me. I feel the same about all the McGregor I've seen apart from Woolf Works. Everyone danced to a high standard of course but the choreography just leaves me cold. Marguerite and Armand on the other hand...wow! I've only seen this once before, on the cinema broadcast with Yanowsky/Bolle and I didn't really like it, but of course it was very memorable as she was retiring. But I well and truly fell in love with this ballet last night and thought the whole thing was incredibly moving. The moment where she sees Armand for the first time, where she stands still and just looks at him, gave me goosebumps and it continued through the whole ballet. I thought Natalia was amazing. Shklyarov also gave a very moving performance. I was not really convinced by them in Manon but I thought it was more to do with the ballet itself (I'd never seen it before so it was my first time and I just couldn't get into it). I was definitely convinced last night anyway. And the music and sets/costumes were just beautiful. I don't understand why I didn't like it the first time round but that's the way it goes sometimes. Elite Syncopations was just magical. I think I loved everything about it. I think everyone was incredibly strong, I couldn't even single anyone out as the whole thing was just superb.
  8. Not at all...the whole lights situation was just totally daft. I'm slightly embarrassed to admit I walked into a wall on Saturday ! Couldn't see a thing....so I'm presuming it was a wall anyway. Luckily I just hurt my shoulder a little bit but when I made it to my seat I could see so many people struggling, especially those with mobility problems and it just seems so unnecessary. I like the Barbican but I've never been to the Pit before and I just thought it was a pretty awful venue for ballet. My seat was a few rows back and the tiering was good and I had a great view so I was extremely lucky in that respect as obviously others really missed out on a good view As for the ballet, I thought it was a very weird and wonderful programme which I liked a lot. I thought Francessca Hayward was just outstanding in Laidrette...definitely the highlight for me. Usually I would read about the ballet before I go if I've not seen it before but I didn't manage to this time so I think maybe I suffered for that a bit. I didn't really get some of the significance of different characters in Laidrette until the Q&A when an audience member asked Viviana Durante about it and she explained things. House of Birds was a very interesting piece which I thought everyone excelled in and Dances Concertantes was (very) short and sweet. So all in all a really enjoyable programme and I also enjoyed the Q&A....shame they couldn't switch the lights on though!
  9. serenade

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    I've just noticed that Coppelia is also now on Amazon Prime- POB with Gilbert/Martinez.
  10. serenade

    Don Q DVD

    My vote goes to the Baryshnikov/Harvey version too...the whole performance is actually on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ok6qIt-Stc&t=1687s). It's absolutely fantastic. The only Osipova version on DVD is the one with Sarafanov I think. There's no full length version I know of with Vasiliev anywhere (which is tragic)...if there was one I would definitely recommend it as they were just absolutely thrilling dancing it together and I always feel lucky I managed to see them dance it.
  11. That's a real shame, I booked for both nights to see Hallberg. The fact that I now get to see Shklyarov is softening the blow a lot though...I think they will be brilliant together! Poor David Hallberg, I bet he's gutted.
  12. I thought Natalia gave an incredible performance last night...I love her Giselle, it's very special. She's so captivating...from the minute she steps onto the stage right through to the end she is something else in this role I think, just amazing. Pas de six was very good last night, very sharp. I really enjoyed it. The corps were brilliant, they looked perfect from where I was sitting! I think Claire Calvert was a good Myrtha...I'm not sure if she was as commanding/powerful as maybe I'd have liked but at the same time I wouldn't want her to overdo it. I thought Matthew Ball partnered well and gave a good, solid performance. His performance didn't really move me I have to admit but that being said it's not usually Albrecht that is moving me in this ballet! However, now just thinking ahead to Swan Lake I'm just not sure how much I'm really feeling this partnership. Maybe it is too soon to think about as afterall filling in for Hallberg at the last minute is not exactly ideal when you're not very experienced in the role to start with. So overall I thought it was a great night...loved the flowers for the corps and the great reaction from the audience with the standing ovation, well deserved. I love this production and I'm just sad I couldn't get to see more shows and casts. I would have especially liked to see Mayara Magri as Myrtha and the Campbell/Hayward partnership. And of course I would have loved to have seen David Hallberg. I love Natalia but my main reason for booking for both her nights was the rare opportunity to see Hallberg. But never mind, just so pleased it was not a recurrence of his original injury and hoping we get to see him in Manon.
  13. Poor David Hallberg I feel so very sad for him, after such a hard fight to get back. Hopeful that the injury is not severe. I thought Natalia danced Giselle just as brilliantly as usual and the acting throughout the whole show by everyone was really top notch, I felt completely involved. Matthew Ball danced very well and partnered Natalia beautifully. I can't imagine how awful it would be to be tucked up at home and get a call asking you to go and dance second act of Albrecht!
  14. I think it looks like it's going to be amazing I booked for Sadlers a while ago and can't wait!
  15. True...but at least Scottish Ballet tour to Newcastle so it's not a ballet free zone. Really I am just pleased Sunderland is getting some ballet as it stopped for a while didn't it? It is not my local any more so I wasn't paying much attention but it seemed like last year maybe they didn't tour there. Then I noticed they are bringing Coppelia this April...let's hope it sells. The season looks good anyway...I have never seen Hobson's Choice so looking forward to that. La Fille is always a treat and Beauty and the Beast sounds good.