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  1. Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    I've just noticed that Coppelia is also now on Amazon Prime- POB with Gilbert/Martinez.
  2. Don Q DVD

    My vote goes to the Baryshnikov/Harvey version too...the whole performance is actually on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ok6qIt-Stc&t=1687s). It's absolutely fantastic. The only Osipova version on DVD is the one with Sarafanov I think. There's no full length version I know of with Vasiliev anywhere (which is tragic)...if there was one I would definitely recommend it as they were just absolutely thrilling dancing it together and I always feel lucky I managed to see them dance it.
  3. That's a real shame, I booked for both nights to see Hallberg. The fact that I now get to see Shklyarov is softening the blow a lot though...I think they will be brilliant together! Poor David Hallberg, I bet he's gutted.
  4. I thought Natalia gave an incredible performance last night...I love her Giselle, it's very special. She's so captivating...from the minute she steps onto the stage right through to the end she is something else in this role I think, just amazing. Pas de six was very good last night, very sharp. I really enjoyed it. The corps were brilliant, they looked perfect from where I was sitting! I think Claire Calvert was a good Myrtha...I'm not sure if she was as commanding/powerful as maybe I'd have liked but at the same time I wouldn't want her to overdo it. I thought Matthew Ball partnered well and gave a good, solid performance. His performance didn't really move me I have to admit but that being said it's not usually Albrecht that is moving me in this ballet! However, now just thinking ahead to Swan Lake I'm just not sure how much I'm really feeling this partnership. Maybe it is too soon to think about as afterall filling in for Hallberg at the last minute is not exactly ideal when you're not very experienced in the role to start with. So overall I thought it was a great night...loved the flowers for the corps and the great reaction from the audience with the standing ovation, well deserved. I love this production and I'm just sad I couldn't get to see more shows and casts. I would have especially liked to see Mayara Magri as Myrtha and the Campbell/Hayward partnership. And of course I would have loved to have seen David Hallberg. I love Natalia but my main reason for booking for both her nights was the rare opportunity to see Hallberg. But never mind, just so pleased it was not a recurrence of his original injury and hoping we get to see him in Manon.
  5. Poor David Hallberg I feel so very sad for him, after such a hard fight to get back. Hopeful that the injury is not severe. I thought Natalia danced Giselle just as brilliantly as usual and the acting throughout the whole show by everyone was really top notch, I felt completely involved. Matthew Ball danced very well and partnered Natalia beautifully. I can't imagine how awful it would be to be tucked up at home and get a call asking you to go and dance second act of Albrecht!
  6. I think it looks like it's going to be amazing I booked for Sadlers a while ago and can't wait!
  7. True...but at least Scottish Ballet tour to Newcastle so it's not a ballet free zone. Really I am just pleased Sunderland is getting some ballet as it stopped for a while didn't it? It is not my local any more so I wasn't paying much attention but it seemed like last year maybe they didn't tour there. Then I noticed they are bringing Coppelia this April...let's hope it sells. The season looks good anyway...I have never seen Hobson's Choice so looking forward to that. La Fille is always a treat and Beauty and the Beast sounds good.
  8. Audience Behaviour

    I think we might have been sitting near the same whispery couple! What's worse...a constant steady quiet whispering or the occasional really loud comment? I can't even decide. The matinee for Song/La Sylphide I was sitting near some people who had trouble following the plot of La Sylphide and kept trying to help each other out (at random moments) but were just talking in their normal speaking voices do they think we can't hear them? Then on the Saturday for Jeune/La Sylphide, it was whisper whisper whisper. It drives me nuts. Is it really so hard to shut your trap for a bit I don't think it's petty at all as you're looking forward to being swept away to ballet world and instead you know, you're listening to the people behind you. I don't know if it's is any worse than anywhere else. I do have a real soft spot for the Coliseum though...I just love it. So I mustn't have found it particularly bad generally, for the talking I mean.
  9. NYCB in Copenhagen August 2018

    Thanks so much for posting this. I really, ridiculously want to go...it looks like a great programme! Did you buy the tickets from the website that you linked to? I can't see any place to buy the tickets on the website, just the list of dates. Am I just missing it? It's been a long day...
  10. I was at the matinee too...I thought it was a really fantastic show. I've wanted to see La Jeune ever since watching White Nights which opens with Baryshnikov dancing a part of it. I was not disappointed. Corrales/Zhang were both strong and very convincing in their roles. It's such an interesting piece, really dark, I really liked it a lot! The music as well, it's really something. I thought the orchestra sounded extra great. Everyone in the audience seemed to love it, Corrales got a massive cheer I saw La Sylphide last week, loved it, and thought Tamayo was fantastic but I thought Aitor Arrieta was equally great in the role, and Alison McWhinney was superb again. The corps and all the whole cast really sold it. The score is amazing and I just love this ballet, I wish I had booked to see it more. Unfortunately it seemed like it sold really badly it looked half empty from where I was.
  11. I saw the Satuday matinee...I really enjoyed it. I have seen Song once before the last time the RB did it but my seat was really bad, I couldn't see much. At the time I liked what I could see and enjoyed the music and have always wanted to see it again. This time round I had a great view but I think I didn't feel very connected to it until nearer the end when Fernanda Oliveria's performance really got me. I feel like it's a ballet I could love because it's a really interesting piece of work, I really like the idea's behind it and the music...it all comes together so well. But I can't put my finger on it except I just didn't feel drawn in for quite a lot of it. I didn't love it...but I wanted to! One to definitely try again in the future. I really loved La Sylphide...I thought Ciro Tamayo was just fantastic, very impressive. I've never seen this ballet before but I'm an instant fan. Alison McWhinney danced beautifully and gave a great performance. I thought the whole piece was well acted by everyone, costumes and set I loved, and the big group number towards the end of the first act was a lot of fun. Then the sadness and heartbreak of the second act was really well played too. I just wish the whole thing was longer but then it wouldn't be the same ballet would it...hopefully it wont be too long before another company does it and I'll get to see it again
  12. I would really like to see... La Bayadere...it's been too long Serenade...you can probably guess it's one of my absolute favourites Symphony in C...you can't beat it Something by Justin Peck...everything he choreographs just looks interesting I think someone said an Ashton celebration earlier on in the thread...I am totally up for that and happy with any Ashton but really want to see Voices of Spring (I've never seen it danced live and one of my favourite pieces of music) Mayerling...I still haven't seen Ed Watson in it Sleeping Beauty...I just love it Nutcracker...I think I'm in the minority who is just really happy with it being on every year, it's just so Christmassey and I was so sad when they put Alice on instead
  13. Picturehouse membership deal- today only

    I think that all the London branches apart from Central are the same price, but they have a few outside London which are a bit cheaper. That's a shame, mine is luckily just 20 minute bus ride so very handy. I think they should let you use the free tickets towards the price of a Screen Arts one considering even with the £5 discount they're not exactly cheap! Although I'm not really sure how many people would be bothered...
  14. The Picturehouse cinema is doing a Black Friday deal today- 40% off their membership for the year, it ends at midnight. I thought it would be of interest as you get £5 discount (for the standard adult tickets) on the ballet screenings (Royal Ballet and Bolshoi). I think you probably get a £5 discount on opera as well but I’ve not been to a screening. You also get a few free cinema tickets but you unfortunately can’t use them for ballet. Still it is a good deal if Picturehouse is your local...