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  1. I have seen Shiori, Rina and Katja as Clara/SPF. The first two were exceptional in the role and Katya was also excellent, particularly as she had to contend with a last minute change of partner in a role involving lots of tricky lifts. It's a shame that Francesca only gets one performance; in such a long run I would have thought that she could have been given another.
  2. Gorgeous photographs, Ivy. They look like lovely people.
  3. I've noticed a queuing system (a moving person walking on a pavement) on a couple of other sites recently. I wonder whether they are new as I haven't registered them before.
  4. Can anyone attend these lectures or do you have to become a member?
  5. I believe that the Arts Council dictates where the touring companies tour to. Does Northern Ballet not tour to Wales? I don't know if any of the large English companies tour to Scotland either.
  6. Is that a 'private hire' at Lilian Baylis? I can't see it on the website unless there's a problem with my device.
  7. On Saturday I was really struck by the bleakness of the ending with that monumental wall shutting Albrect out from his landlord community. The migrants have gone too and so he ends up completely alone. You are left wondering what will happen to him as you don't see him being able to go back to either community. The wall is almost a character on its own.
  8. Sorry for the typo. I meant to say Greek *Lyre *.
  9. Nice to meet you too, Cathy, and LTD. I believe that the PDD does begin with a solo violin and a solo cello. I read that the haunting music at the end of that scene uses a Greek lure, and not a flute as I had originally thought. A great performance this afternoon. I absolutely love Hugo Chacon in the Hilarion role: great dancing, acting (lots of interesting little touches) and incredible charisma.
  10. I've just left Euston and we're going on some sort of loop (presumably, that relates to what you're referring to).
  11. Is anyone going to be at the matinee tomorrow? I will be there.
  12. Can someone find out about this. I'm not on Twitter and can't see an email address on the company's website.
  13. Yes, I do mean that one. I agree that it seems to be a glitch at BRB's end. I would like to know as I'm keen to book.
  14. Thanks for the information, Bluebird. The only thing is that one of the cast lists is incomplete on my device.