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  1. Newspapers do moderate comment sections. I once posted a comment on the Guardian website and it was removed despite the fact it didn't contravene any of their rules.
  2. Fascinating to read the thread on unfair criticism of dancers, but what a difference with us opera goers. Booing at Covent Garden is a regular occurrence, though usually for the production team rather than the singers, though I did once hear a tenor booed off stage when he cracked in the middle of Di Quella Pira. I imagine if ballet goers were forced to endure some of the things the RO currently force feeds us with they might (timidly) start booing too. Then there are the fans. I once innocently mentioned I loved to listen to recordings of Joan Sutherland without realizing I was talking to a rabid callas fan - I'll spare you the details. Seems my taste in female singers is particularly bad as my (expensive) habit of following Cecilia Bartoli round Europe elicits scorn from quite a few. Of course I don't mention the fact that the difficulty in getting tickets for her at all rather indicates such views are in the minority. And it isn't just who you like, it's what you like too that can give you flack. I am particularly fond of early music and not long ago made a trip to Paris to hear Cavalli's Eliogabalo, when I mentioned this in passing to an acquaintance he responded "Why? Cavalli never wrote tunes". So there you have it, to avoid a verbal punch up, keep your views and tastes to yourself and only engage with opera fans when you generally agree with them.
  3. RobR couldn't have been clearer regarding the posts that concern him. Btw the poster that wrote inappropriately concerning Matthew Ball's looks and those posters that were unsympathetic to the plight of the ENB dancers and those here that support them, have not contributed to this thread at all.
  4. Room 101

    Only four out of use carriages Alison? I've had to trudge past more than a dozen on many occasions before now. As you say, with other platforms empty what is the logic of stacking them up like that?
  5. Singling out certain dancers for constant criticism (in the case of Golding largely undeserved) always signifies a poster with an agenda to me. I'm happy to read a less than flattering opinion but not when someone has made their point but still bangs on about it, for me that is akin to bullying.
  6. That's it. I prefer a more traditional approach.
  7. I responded to that post, what was implied was that he only gets roles because he is easy on the eye. Either the poster was ignorant of all his work in the company over the past few years or is so politically correct as to believe choice roles should only go to the facially challenged.
  8. Impossible for me to criticize that production - I remember the one they had before!!!
  9. I was thinking along the lines, longer run, more casts.
  10. We're singing from the same song sheet with those two, if they don't get a Giselle next time around I'll be mightily peeved.
  11. First Operas

    Actually I'd disqualify a number of works with dreadful productions, too many don't seem to enhance the story line. Tales of Hoffman is tuneful and engaging, but I'd suggest watching a few DVD's with good productions to whet the appetite too.
  12. First Operas

    That's true.
  13. First Operas

    On the other hand Rodolfo is a positive saint compared to Pinkerton.
  14. ROH Surtitles

    My first opera was Marriage of Figaro with Geraint Evans in the title role.