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  1. I preferred SB to RS too, I just wish a ballet producer had the imagination to think outside the box in the way Bourne does and give us a wholly imaginative and original production. Regarding Cinderella, do go. I went last night and thoroughly enjoyed it as it's one of his best works and I don't think the small screen will do it justice. Great atmosphere at the Wells last night and a very vocally appreciative audience, they loved the curtain calls to the music of Glenn Miller, Do go and join in the fun.
  2. I'm so glad you mentioned a conductor. Ashton's Enigma variations was originally conducted by Sir Adrian Boult who in his earlier career had conducted for the Diaghilev company and under his baton those early performances were perfection to me. At the curtain calls, among the dancers, he was always positively beaming. That ballet in particular is unique in drawing you into a real person's life, a specific time and place with manners and mores so very different from today, my grandparents generation in fact. I've always considered Enigma totally unique, I can think of nothing else even vaguely like it.
  3. Living very close to a major line I'm aware that since privatization commercial rail traffic has greatly increased. At the outset there were even more heavy goods trains than now, but this resulted in embankments collapsing so there is a bit less now. Along my line platforms have been extended to take longer trains to accommodate the increased number of passengers, so I imagine the strain this puts on the tracks necessitates more maintenance work. Locally it is almost always new track laying.
  4. Funny isn't it that the powers that be are forever lecturing us to abandon our cars for public transport, then at the time of year when people want to travel, they deprive us of the train service. I've spent the odd Christmas in Germany, they can provide trains over the holidays so why not here?
  5. I very rarely cry at the ballet, but have cried at the opera a fair bit. On the rare occasions I have shed a tear, it has been because of the beauty of the dancing, rather than the emotion on stage, though certain moments of choreography have moved me deeply. Very rarely have I seen absolute perfection on stage but on those few occasions I've wept for sheer joy.
  6. Prince Harry engagement

    The only time I saw the princes in real life was at a performance of Nutcracker at the Festival Hall, sitting with their mum, they were quite small at the time. Don't think they could have been that impressed though, never seen the younger generation of royals at anything vaguely cultural.
  7. Generally speaking opportunities come earlier for male dancers anyway. Rudolf Nureyev started his career dancing leading roles though in Russia they don't hang around when talent is evident. My first sighting of the glorious Victoria Tereshkina was as an eighteen year old Gamzatti and even at that tender age it was a star being born. I've always found young dancers relish the challenges, their youth makes them fearless.
  8. I'd Like to see Ms Naghdi in the role.
  9. Prince Harry engagement

    He's the second son, not heir to the throne and I don't remember Prince Andrew's wedding being a bank holiday. I believe Mayor Khan says Londoners should get the day off which makes sense if the wedding is at the Abbey or St Paul's as the city will be gridlocked anyway.
  10. CD's of old recordings of classic performances are often marketed as being 're-mastered', does a similar technique exist to enhance old videos?
  11. POB has DVD's of a Robbins evening and Balanchine's Jewels, so in those cases maybe it's just a case of liking what is seen.
  12. Prince Harry engagement

    Lack of interest on social media is probably down to the demographic using it not having much interest in royalty. There's far more republican sentiment in Britain than Americans imagine too.
  13. Clause in the contract? Don't forget casting for this ballet is not at the discretion of the company dancing it but according to the wishes of the Cranko estate. If you look at the companies that have performed Onegin and look at the dancers available at the time you will find some odd omissions. I think personal taste has often over-ruled suitability.