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  1. MAB

    Prince Harry engagement… and wedding

    According to one od those 'royal correspondents' religious addresses must be a minimum of two minutes and no more than seven. Personally I enjoy a good sermon, but church pews are hard on the bum so perhaps a maximum time isn't a bad idea.
  2. You're quite right, since the paper became a freebie, arts coverage in the standard has shrunk, but particularly under the present editor. I don't know how far back you go, but I remember Sydney Edwards, possible the best arts editor any newspaper ever had, he loved the ballet and actually embedded himself with the Royal Ballet on one of the tours to the US, actually reporting from their plane mid air on the flight over. Happy days.
  3. Details of the gala in Vienna next month https://viennaoperatickets.com/ballet-all-performances/nureyev-gala-vienna-state-opera/?p=53&l=2&id=1090 Legris also staged a gala in Nureyev's honour in Tokyo earlier this month.
  4. Lyndsey Winship is first rate when writing about contemporary dance, but ballet?
  5. MAB

    Prince Harry engagement… and wedding

    You're right Alison, there is actually a seven minute maximum rule, he broke it by six minutes.
  6. MAB

    New ballet obsession

    Hello Djaamila, thanks for sharing your thoughts and your dilemma, I think I can understand your friends reactions to seeing a dance discipline so different from hip hop. I know from talking to non dance colleagues about classical ballet that the tutu is a strong disincentive to even watching ballet. Professional ballet takes many forms and some of the most impressive ballets don't conform to girlie pinkness in appearance, I recommend going on line and take a look at as many examples of the art you can find. I caught the ballet bug at a similar age to you, though of course back then I was in full time employment at fifteen so never considered classes. Even if you decide ballet isn't something you would be comfortable doing, it might be something you will get a lot out of watching. Best wishes Mary B.
  7. Black is traditionally the colour of mourning, though originally it signified innocence (think of black-clad nuns), perhaps red would better signify her new attitude to life.
  8. Petipa, no. However a few have stated they don't care for Ashton at all and I remember some scathing comments when Two Pigeons was revived.
  9. I can't think of an exact synonym for gush, but the best way to deal with the more inane posts is simply to move onto the next.
  10. MAB

    Audience Behaviour

    Front row Orchestra stalls is awful, you can't see the feet. I hope these seats are sold as restricted view, if they aren't it's a disgrace. On the other hand the view from the front row of the grand tier is perfection.
  11. Oscar already has a fan following in London since dancing in Fairy Doll with the Vaganova students at last year's Russian Icons. I happen to know his former teacher in St Pete's and he rated Oscar very highly indeed.
  12. Rameau? Any chance of Christie conducting?
  13. I'm afraid I'm less than enthusiastic, primarily because I don't care much for those dancers currently in favour. Alexandrova and Kaptsova have both been demoted, of the female principals only Krysanova and Obraztsova are real ballerinas, though there are better dancers further down the rankings. Pointless to create a wish list of ballets, the Hochhausers choose what sells the best, there are no other considerations. Personally I'm disappointed we're not getting the Mariinsky next year.
  14. Amazing!! You were denigrating Matthew Golding and Salenko from day one.
  15. These events occurred decades ago and I don't think there's much point in raking over history, however Jennifer Penney rarely did interviews at all but when she did she was always brutally frank and was very atypical of dancers of her generation. The Ballet Association makes transcripts of interviews now but I don't know when they started that practice. Some people tell it like it is, but aren't always admired for doing so. I had a great deal of respect for Ms Penney's honesty.