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  1. Pleased to hear Skorik has appeared in Infra, I imagine she is well suited to the role. Kondaurova is a highly versatile dancer, looking good in everything she does but that doesn't mean she isn't a classicist too: she is. Anyone who saw her in Paquita, one of the works under discussion, will attest to that.
  2. One revival is to justify a productions expense, more than one indicates a degree of popularity/intrinsic merit. In the case of Infra it's been taken into another company's rep. Some duds travel, they're co-productions. Very surprised at the animosity towards this work bearing in mind how well the Mariinsky danced it.
  3. It's odd that there are a group of Russian dancers, I'm thinking Skorik, Somova, Zakharova for whom extreme extensions are their stock in trade but they don't get cast in McGregor or similar choreographers' works, instead they tend to cast pure classicists, e.g. Kondaurova. Very strange.
  4. Infra is a brilliant piece of choreography, complex and inventive, if it had "failings" it wouldn't have been revived, let alone taken into the repertory of anther company.
  5. Although I generally prefer the longer tutu, I do feel that the Shades scene in Bayadere loses something by having the dancers wear them. It is the one ballet where I really do want to see a bit of leg.
  6. I'm old enough to remember when Galina Samsova had a T in her name. On Elena's Facebook page there is only one D.
  7. The spelling is correct, she spells her name with just one D.
  8. You appear to be viewing Ms Mason's directorship through rose coloured spectacles. Were she still in charge I have a nasty feeling that the careers of Ms Hayward and Ms Naghdi may have reflected the careers of Xander Parish and Maria Kotchetkova. This is a digression however, the main question is what is causing so many members of ENB to leave and can anything be done about it.
  9. I'm a little surprised that the Kirov season is being compared unfavourably to last year's Bolshoi season, both opened with Don Q. and in a straight comparison team Kirov were the hands down winners if you remember the Bolshoi's serious miscasting on opening night.. Now that Alexandrova and Kaptsova have been demoted to the curious 'working under contract' category the Bolshoi has merely two female principals I would book to see. I'd love to board a time machine back to 1974 to watch those gods and goddesses of both companies once more, but until one is invented, I'm happy to watch the present day Kirov. Notice how they seem to be rationing their 6 o'clock extensions this season? That is real progress and I welcome it.
  10. I was the poster who first mentioned Kim's eight doubles because it was something I hadn't seen before and therefore I thought it worthy of comment. I also commented on the female variations in both Don Q and Paquita that were also new to me, To state what you see is not "passing a verdict", my two all time favourite Solor's did four and six double assembles respectively, actually I find more symmetry in four, but that is my personal taste. Male solos in ballet are more variable in my experience than female variations and there seem to be different versions to choose from in most big roles, a good example is Albrecht's last act sole in Giselle which is either the traditional one or Nureyev's repeated entrechats, sadly the latter is now more frequently seen, especially outside of Russia. As for no dancers having perfect technique I can think of a couple that came close, though neither was Russian and neither danced Solor.
  11. For many years, we only had the 'Kingdom of the Shades third act at the RB and I had to go to Leningrad (as it was called then) to see the two preceding acts, apart from the Vikharev production, the Kirov-Mariinsky hasn't used the original last act. I'm afraid I find it an anti climax as for me the heart of the ballet is the shades. Personally I'd like to see Nureyev Shades again and even the second act of Swan Lake as part of a triple bill, that used to be seen regularly I'm told, but a bit before my time.
  12. Kim actually performed them better than on the video clip on Thursday night, what I find so admirable about his pyrotechnics, is that he maintains his line so well in the air.
  13. Yes! Shklyarov also did eight, what is so remarkable is that in the past a dancer had a longer preparation for each one. With fewer linking steps it's quite a feat. I think it was the finest display of virtuosity I've ever seen him give.
  14. With regard to why no Russian tour next year, I'm told the ROH is unavailable due to Ring rehearsals. Little chance of the Coli being free for the Mikhailovsky as they are reviving Bat out of Hell next summer.
  15. I find Infra vey moving. To me it is about the inherent loneliness of modern life and being alone in a crowd, the coming together and parting and the indifferent attitude of society to the individual. I accept my interpretation of what I see may not be McGregor's intention, but choreographers are often happy for the viewer to form personal opinions and that is what I see. I should add that I'm a fan of McGregor and admire his work. My reservations are about the suitability of his extreme movements on classical dancers, his Random Dance company has always been the best exponent of his work, though I accept that there are ballet dancers with a temperament and aptitude that engages very readily with these types of modern dance,