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  1. I've seen plenty of them on the tube (Lamb & McRae).
  2. And it's given me "That's Entertainment" as an earworm.
  3. Was more in the mood for a debate than a celebration of the lovely Gene Tierney (never seen enough on our tellybox, these days), I think this has come about from a misunderstanding - the reference to male and female there in the Wiki extract is just the gender equivalences of the surnames, rather than a translation. Lord, Master, Noble all the same sort of thing! We can't fall out over Tierney (see my instagram for a few recent examples)!
  4. Oh, what a tangled web we weave
  5. I really don't know where you got that from, but I don't believe it. The Irish for man is fir (a bit like the Latin, vir) and the adjective 'male' is derived from that as either fierann or fearga depending on the context. Anglicising any of those wouldn't result in Tierney. Tierney in Irish means nobleman (or son of a nobleman) but is generally used these days as a unisex term (and a unisex name) as noble. Says the Irishman with a unisex name meaning meadow...

    Ticket returned to the box office.
  7. What a very odd (and extremely rude) thing for someone to say. The speaker would probably have received a very sharp comment or two from me had I been within earshot.
  8. Day tickets (£20) are available through the todaytix app. I'm 5'4 and sat in the front row stalls, near the centre, and was fine. Avoid the next few rows after that. See theatremonkey for more detailed info on other areas of the auditorium.
  9. Except it won't, because if that vote is lost, there will be a motion of no confidence in the government, which will pass and that leads to a general election.
  10. I have SCS D26 for 20th available and I may also have the same for 18th.
  11. You got me all excited that Ricardo Cervera was coming out of retirement...
  12. I'm sorry to say that it's not a criterion for promotion as to whether or not you in particular have heard of a dancer. I think the director of the Royal Ballet bases his decisions on more artistic reasons. Some of us have had the pleasure of watching Takada grow from a very technically talented dancer into a very well rounded Royal Ballet dancer who works well in a number of styles. Her promotion last summer was, IMO, thoroughly deserved. Whilst you may have meant no offence, I think it's pretty rude to make fun of someone's name (particularly when you don't even spell it correctly).
  13. By "new", they mean someone who has been with the company for 8 years...
  14. I have D26 (SCS) available for Jewels on 20 April (eticket). Face value is £9. Please PM if interested.
  15. I have D26 (SCS) available for Jewels on 12 April (eticket). Face value is £9. Please PM if interested.