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  1. I imagine a sizeable number of tickets for the MacMillan shows and events have been held back for the other participating companies. When I booked (when Premium 2 Friends booking opened), the entire front stalls section was unavailable for some of the main stage shows and there were only a small handful of tickets for some of the Clore events. Accordingly, I'd suggest keeping an eye out for more tickets going on sale at a later date.
  2. Worth noting that ROH got the funding it asked for (according to their online statement here).
  3. One interval.
  4. I like all of them
  5. 2011. As I've mentioned elsewhere on this forum a number of times, O'Hare said at the press announcement for the season ensuing that Cinderella will be back in the near future and probably redesigned.
  6. All of the Swiss Church insights clash with something in the Clore. I just had to make up my mind as to what I would be happiest missing.
  7. Let's remember that this matter is sub judice and that the determination as to whether or not the perpetrator is a terrorist will be made by a jury.
  8. From the dance world Dame Beryl Grey CH DBE Kenneth Tharp CBE Romayne Grigorova MBE Alan Clarke MBE Deborah Holme MBE
  9. In case anyone is interested, Alessandra Ferri was presented with her National Dance Award for Best Female Performance (Classical), for her performance in Woolf Works (the first time round) after the performance last night.
  10. Unfortunately my pictures are too large to upload directly' but have a look at my Instagram for some curtain call pics.
  11. I agreed entirely.