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    Ticket now spoken for.
  2. I have SCS D26 available for Wednesday 24 May. Face value is £6. Please PM if interested.
  3. McRae's music was Monti's Csárdás
  4. According to the press release tickets go on sale on 26 July, which is public booking for the Autumn period.
  5. There's no U55 in the stalls (there's no anything 55 in the stalls). Must be amphi.
  6. What happens when you use the "choose files" option?
  7. Testing drag and drop
  8. Testing, testing
  9. I recommend Figlmüller for schnitzel.
  10. Seems easy enough on the iPad.
  11. Forskitt left during the run of Sleeping Beauty. Picture
  12. Well, I and the ladies I bumped into at SW yesterday had the same top 3 (but not all in the same order).
  13. Yesterday's matinée was 2 hours 10 including interval and curtain call.