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clear backed and clear strapped bras


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DD would technically be a 26E but we can get away with a 28DD and occasionally a 30D


But it's tricky - I'm only a 34 so we must have small ribs in our family :D


We buy non-dance bras from Bravissimo but I resent paying so much (£24) while she is still growing

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26 band only exists custom made.


Yes you can get quite a few 28A (can't see the point of AA myself as a true AA would not need a bra. Apart from John a Lewis most high street stores only stock C & D cups in a 30/32 upwards.


But bra manufacturers seem to assume that everyone with a 28 back is completely flat.


Dd had her first ever bra a year ago when she began to develop, she had been totally flat before that. She measured 26C (25 under & 28 over) but we had to make do with 28B.


She now measures 28 under & 31 over. Nightmare for her.

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Have you lOoked on amazon of all places? They have a number of discounted odds and ends of what I presume are the less popular sizes. I am also a size 28 but with a bigger cup size and have found the best way is to order a couple of sizes & styles mail order and be prepared to send them back. Bravissimo have been particularly good with returns when I've used them. I know it is easier as an adult as you have more idea of suitable style/size when youve finished growing!

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