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Adult ballet school


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Hi everyone!

I am so pleased to have found the Balletco forum as it seems like a lovely supportive group of people.  :)

I will be setting up a dance school for adults from the end of January/early February and I just wondered what other people thought of the idea.  It won't be attached to a children's dance school as I want to concentrate solely on teaching adults. I will be offering ballet and tap classes for beginners and improvers.  I wanted to offer classes in a non-competitive environment where adults can receive the maximum level of attention and concentration from their teacher.  I aim to be up and running in February and will be offering classes in Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in the classes or have any helpful advice (I am always looking for useful advice!)



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Thank-you for the support.  I wanted to set-up an adult dance school  because I returned to dancing after university and was so frustrated with not being able to find a ballet or tap class which concentrated on my needs as an adult learner. Many schools are very supportive of their adult learners, which is fantastic, but have so many children's exam and festival classes that I think adult learners can sometimes feel almost lost among the many classes.  

I am not offering classes at the moment as I am completing my teacher training but I will need to recruit a qualified dance teacher soon (preferably RAD) so I can start operating my school in January/February time.  If anyone knows of any good websites where I can recruit a dance teacher please let me know.



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