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encouragement for boys


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Thank you for posting - I watched and enjoyed that.  Not sure that I will show my DS  (age 12) though.  He has actually never had anyone at school or anywhere else be negative to him about doing ballet/dance.  I know he is very lucky.  I think he would be a bit bemused by the comments about being teased.  We are unusually thick skinned in our family.  I managed to make it to my mid twenties as a red-head before I picked up on any "ginger" negative connotations!

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I agree- thought it seemed like a really honest portrayal of life in a company- haven't seen anything as interesting since the ENB documentary and that felt a bit more contrived to create drama0 this one felt really authentic. And I liked that although they were honest about the difficulties and hard work  they all seemed really happy in their craft :)

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