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The Importance of Keeping Warm... brrrr!


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Hi All,


I just wanted to write a brief note about dancers keeping warm between classes, or after class. As a few of my students have developed niggly injuries that are related to not noticing the colder weather.


Although initially after class a dancer will feel hot, the cooling down process in these wintry temperatures is much quicker. This can lead to a number of problems, that are easily preventable. If not warmed down properly and then kept warm, muscles and joints can start to stiffen, aches and pains can develop (how many students sit on the bus or car home and tense up shivering) and the body will generally start to struggle to recover from the intensity of class ready to 'go' the next day.


Please remember to layer up after class (or between sessions). Use a warm up boot, ankle warmers, thick socks etc to protect the tiny bones, ligaments and tendons in your feet and also wear a scarf or snood to help keep the neck and shoulder area mobile.


When you do get home, a hot bath (epsom salts, radox mix) is essential - or a shower if you prefer!

Enjoy a herbal tea too, keep hydrated and warm from the inside out :)


Take good and gentle care of yourselves!





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I have a delightful anecdote about keeping warm which that reminds me about.  When I was at the RBS senior school, we were forbidden to watch company rehearsals through the glass windows in the doors - of course we all did - what ballet student could resist such a treat?  Anyway, one day I was peeping in to watch the divine Beriosova when she came out.  I jumped away from the door and tried to look nonchalant, but as she passed me she suddenly turned to me and said " You know you should wear your legwarmers between classes to keep your muscles warm" and walked off, leaving me practically fainting from relief and pride that she had spoken to such a lowly person as myself!  Of course I always did after that.........

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What a lovely story!  I find before class that there is also a problem.  Many of my older girls come by bus direct to ballet from school, and never wear warm enough clothes.  So they arrive chilled to the bone and warming them up enough to even start barre can be really difficult - lots of marching and jogging seems to be the best way!

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I think this is more and more of a problem since the current dressing craze is toward less is better.  I see this happening more amongst the girls than boys.


If one thinks about it even when it comes to formal wear - women uncloth whilst men  cover up more.  Strange.


In other spheres it happens too.  In a New Year's Day parade the drum major is well covered - the majorette has bear legs.  Ouch.


Coming to class in sufficiently warm clothes and leaving the same way is good advice.  Sometimes young students think that when class is over keeping warm is not necessary.  This includes a head covering since we lose a great deal of body heat through the head.

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The amount of layers I wear in general is enough for a whole class. I come to class wrapped up for the North pole, change into my dance wear which consists of a Leo, tights (fully footed) skirt or shorts or sometimes both, leg warmers, a wrap top or a jumper then my school sweatshirt and then keep myself warm. If I dont I get severe cramps. Of course the layers shed but they're all shoved back on after class so I am always kept warm. I have really bad blood circulation so I do get cold incredibly quick but to me it is natural to stay warm.

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