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Tring CBA question


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Hello... We are off tomorrow for DDs first CBA session (group 4) and I wondered if someone could tell me if parents usually hang around or go offsite?

Her class is over lunch so wasn't sure whether to bring something to eat there or head out (perhaps with some other mums?)...


Also the list says split sole ballet shoes, does anyone know if they'll get upset if DD has full sole ones (current ballet teacher only allows full sole!)?



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Hi southerndancemum, she absolutely loved the class - the standard seemed very good with a lovely teacher.


I think you may already have seen a previous post re the auditions but to say it again...


"When my DD auditioned in May there were about 130 auditioning for 15-20 spaces spread across the whole age range (8-18?).

Each group had 20-30 auditioning but quite a mix of ages in each (mine was in last group and they were age 12 to at least 16) so don't be put off if there are much bigger girls in your group.

My DD gets extremely nervous and it's not helped by the over confident ones in the 'warm up' area... however she really enjoyed the audition and said the teachers & panel were really friendly."


They were also very quick to let you know the result of the audition which was nice...

Good luck

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