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does tumbling help dance ?


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Hi again sorry for all the post about acro and everything, I know this predominately a ballet forum, but does any one know of tumbling classes that could help my dd learn skills such as side aerials or tumbling in the north London/Hertfordshire area?  

Many thanks

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Hi Louise,


I have kids that do both but am not an expert in either. I would say tumbling would benefit acro specifically but not very relevant to the rest of dance.


However that doesn't mean I would rate tumbling as better or worse they are different. Both benefit kids hugely. Great hobbies. (Dc would kill me if knew had called dancing a hobby!!!!)

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Your title said "dance" not "ballet".  So I would say yes, tumbling can help add an often required skill-set for jazz dancers, street dancers and cheerleaders.  I don't think it has any relevance to ballet whatsoever.

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