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Elmhurst associates


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Sorry for the trivial nature of this post but I'm wondering if anyone with a dc at Birmingham associates can answer a few quick questions? I've tried calling elmhurst and left messages but no response.


Do parents wait for their children (if they've travelled a long way to get there) in the first weeks or just leave them to it? If they stay, is there somewhere to wait (also with younger siblings..)?


We still haven't been invoiced for the autumn term, has anyone else? I'm now worried our contract acceptance has gone amiss!


Do they have elastics or ribbons?


Do they have buns or plaits?


Thank you!

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Hi twiglet I normally stay and wait for my dd as it's a travel there, there are seats to wait and I recommend taking something to read and a flask of coffee! most of them have elastics and buns , hope that helps :) we haven't had our bill yet either so don't worry I am sure we will get it soon xx

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Once DC are settled in and you feel confident about leaving them there is lots to do in Birmingham city centre.


The Museum and Art Gallery behind the Town Hall has a splendid collection of Pre-Raphs.  The cafe is also good.


I haven't been to the newly re-opened Central Library yet (near Symphony Hall) but it looks fabulous.


You can get onto the canal network by Symphony Hall, or by the Mail Box and have a lovely wander.


The Bull Ring shopping centre.

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