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Malakhov Foundation presents 1. European Ballet Award

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It looks like everyone on Twitter has heard the news, as usual I'm a bit late to the party!


Kenneth Tindall is one of the selected 20 (along with Azzurra Ardovini) for Dance UK's Mentoring Programme http://www.danceuk.org/news/article/dancers-mentoring-2014/




He has been nominated for Best Young Choreographer award in the Taglioni - European Ballet Awards http://www.danceeurope.net/article/taglioni-european-ballet-award


Northern Ballet, Xander Parish, Yulia Stepanova and Nicolas Le Riche have also received nominations!


I'm so happy for and proud of Mr Tindall and our Northern Ballet to be recognised in this way (goes without saying that I'm happy too for Parish, Le Riche and Ms Stepanova!)

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Well deserved ON ALL COUNTS.   :)


Nice to see ENB recognised as well in the latter (the Malakov Foundation outing) with Alina Cojacaru as a nominee for Best Female Dancer and Bob Ringwood for those TRULY STUNNING Corsaire designs.  

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Well deserved ON ALL COUNTS.   :)


Nice to see ENB recognised as well in the latter (the Malakov Foundation outing) with Alina Cojacaru as a nominee for Best Female Dancer and Bob Ringwood for those TRULY STUNNING Corsaire designs.  




Indeed! But then Alina would naturally be a nominee for Best Female Dancer (all hell would break loose if she wasn't!) Bob Ringwood worked magic on the Corsaire designs and it is nice to see recognition for that.

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Home-grown talent recognised with Northern Ballet award nominations

Northern Ballet is honoured to have received a nomination for Best Company at the Taglioni European Ballet Awards with additional recognition for one of its Premier Dancers, Kenneth Tindall, who has been nominated for Best Young Choreographer. The winners of the awards, which recognises the work of the top ballet companies, choreographers, dancers, designers and conductors from across Europe, will be chosen by an expert jury of specialist journalists on 27 September 2014.

The Taglioni European Ballet Awards are organised by the Malakhov Foundation which was established in 2014 by international ballet star Vladimir Malakhov, founder and former Director of the State Ballet Berlin. The non-profit organisation aims to support ballet dancers in areas of need such as grants for education, further training, medical needs and maintenance grants. The awards are one of the first major projects of the foundation to recognise extraordinary achievements within ballet.

Northern Ballet has been nominated for Best Company along with leading European companies Paris Opera Ballet and Hamburg Ballet. The Leeds-based Company specialises in creating and touring full-length narrative ballets which in recent years has included CinderellaThe Great Gatsby and Beauty & the Beast. As the widest touring ballet Company in the UK Northern Ballet reaches more people than any other and also recently enjoyed its first visit to Covent Garden with sell-out performances of a Mixed Programme at the Royal Opera House’s Linbury Studio Theatre. In addition, Northern Ballet pioneers the creation and touring of ballets especially for young children including Ugly DucklingThree Little Pigs and the latest instalment, Elves & the Shoemaker, which will première in September.

British Premier Dancer Kenneth Tindall has been nominated alongside Jean Philippe Dury and Natalia Horecna for Best Young Choreographer. Tindall, who has been dancing with Northern Ballet since 2003, has had his work performed internationally and also created three short pieces for Northern Ballet including: Project #1Luminous Junc·ture and The Architect, which premièred in June 2014 and can next be seen during Northern Ballet’s Mixed Programme at the Linbury Studio Theatre in 2015.

In addition, Kenneth Tindall has also been nominated as one of Dance UK’s twenty future leaders to take part in their Dancers’ Mentoring Scheme which provides each dancer with a paid mentor to discuss and develop their future in addition to and beyond their performing careers.

Northern Ballet’s Artistic Director David Nixon OBE said: “I’m delighted that both Northern Ballet and Kenneth have been recognised with these nominations. Northern Ballet works tirelessly to create and tour innovative productions throughout the UK and reach as many people as possible with world-class ballet.
In addition, for Kenneth Tindall to both receive a nomination for Best Young Choreographer and be nominated for the Dance UK scheme is an incredible validation for him and we look forward to continuing to nurturing this talent within our ranks.”

Kenneth Tindall said: “It is an honour to be nominated for such a prestigious award and I am thrilled to have been selected as one of this year’s twenty participants on Dance UK’s 2014/15 Dancers’ Mentoring Scheme. I look forward to working with Dance UK and my mentor.”
The ceremony for the Taglioni European Ballet Awards, named after one of history’s most famous ballerinas, Marie Taglioni, will be held in Berlin on 27 September 2014


Notes to Editors
Northern Ballet is one of the UK’s five large ballet companies. Based in Leeds, it performs throughout the UK as well as overseas. Northern Ballet’s productions mix classical dance and theatre, embracing popular culture and taking inspiration from literature, opera, or giving a unique interpretation of popular classical ballets.
Northern Ballet is the busiest touring ballet company in the UK and is typically on the road for around 24 weeks of the year. The Company of 40 dancers tours a combination of new works and established repertoire to cities throughout the UK and is the only large scale ballet company to do so.

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Taglioni – European Ballet Award 


Eines  der  ersten  Großprojekte  der  Foundation  ist  die  Austragung  des                      

1. Europäischen Ballettpreises „Taglioni – European Ballet Award“.  

Benannt  wurde  der  Preis  nach  Marie  Taglioni  (1804-84),  eine  der  berühmtesten 

Tänzerinnen  der  Romantik  und  die  erste  Sylphide,  die  den  Spitzentanz  im  19. 

Jahrhundert populär machte. 


Im  Rahmen  einer  festlichen  Gala  findet  die  diesjährige  Verleihung  am                  

27. September im Maritim Hotel Berlin statt.  

In 13 Kategorien werden die besten Leistungen der Europäischen Ballettkunst des 

Jahres 2013 von einer Expertenjury aus Fachjournalisten ausgezeichnet. 


Eine  große  Ehre  ist  die  Zusammenarbeit  mit  der  KPM  -  Königliche  Porzellan-

Manufaktur, die die  hochwertigen Porzellan-Trophäen  für die      13  Preisträger 




Weitere Informationen und Eintrittskarten für die Preisverleihung sind exklusiv bei 

der Malakhov Foundation (www.malakhov-foundation.com) und im Maritim Hotel 

Berlin erhältlich. 
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Welcome to the Forum, Malakhov Foundation, and thank you for issuing a list of nominations.


In accordance with the Forum's Acceptable User Policy could I please ask that you add a signature block to your profile?


"Members who have commercial interests must indicate that by adding a Signature line to their postings, stating the name and type of their business and giving their website and/or business email address for enquiries. (You set up a Signature via My Settings in the dropdown menu under your name.) If members wish to contact businesses, associate schemes or other commercial enterprises this should be done via the vendor’s website or email, not by starting threads on the forum."


Northern Ballet issued a press release about their nominations, which I will merge with this thread, to keep all the information together.


I hope you will keep us informed about the Foundation.

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The results are coming through slowly. Congratulations to Northern Ballet:  Best Company award!  


Congratulations also to Xander Parish who has been named Best Male Young Dancer.  I posted that in the Xander Parish thread before I realised there was already a thread for the awards themselves.


Presumably more results will be available as the evening goes on.

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I've only been able to find two more winners (via Dansomanie)


Yulia Stepanova has been named Best Young Female Dancer.


Martin Schläpfer (Ballett am Rhein)  has been named best Director.


Congratulations to them both.


Presumably the Malakhov Foundation will publish a full list some time soon.

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With thanks to Dansomanie, here are the full results :


Best Production 
Classical Miniatures ( Leonid Jacobson Company) 

Best Choreographer
Thierry Malandain (Cinderella, Ballet Biarritz) 

Best Company 
Northern Ballet 

Best Company Director 
Martin Schläpfer (Ballett am Rhein) 

Best Male Dancer 
Alban Lendorf (Royal Danish Ballet) 


Best Female Dancer

Alina Cojocaru (English National Ballet) 

Best Male Young Dancer

Xander Parish (Mariinsky Ballet) 

Best Female Young Dancer

Yulia Stepanova ( Mariinsky Ballet) 

Best Young Choreographer 
Natalia Horecna 

Best Designer 
Keso Dekker (Choreartium, Bayerisches Staatsballett) 

Best Conductor 
Pavel Bubelnikov (Mariinsky Ballet, Mikhailovsky Ballet) 

Best Ballet DVD 
Dance & Quartet (Heinz Spoerli, Hagen Quartett, Zürich Ballet, Arthaus Musik) 

Winner of Lifetime Award 
Royal Danish Ballet

Edited by Bluebird
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Northern Ballet named Best Company at European Ballet Awards

Published on  Sun 28 September, 2014


Northern Ballet was named Best Company at the inaugural Taglioni European Ballet Awards held on 27 September at a Gala performance at the Maritim Hotel in Berlin and attended by dance companies from across the continent. Artistic Director David Nixon OBE attended the awards and Premier Dancers Martha Leebolt andTobias Batley were also at the ceremony to showcase the Company by giving a breathtaking performance of a pas de deux from Cleopatra.


Named after one of the most famous Italian dancers of the Romantic Period, ballerina Marie Taglioni, the awards are presented by the Malakhov Foundation, established by ballet star Vladimir Malakhov, founder and former Director of the State Ballet Berlin, to recognise extraordinary achievement in dance. The winners were chosen by an expert panel of journalists from Austria, Denmark, France, Italy, Russia, Germany, and the UK, and Northern Ballet was nominated for Best Company alongside Hamburg Ballet and Paris Opera Ballet.


On accepting the award David Nixon said, “It’s a huge honour to accept this award on behalf of everyone at Northern Ballet. I am so pleased that the hard work and exceptionally high standards of the Company have been recognised in this way. To have been nominated alongside the Hamburg Ballet and Paris Opera Ballet, two companies I admire so much, only adds to the sense of achievement. Northern Ballet is passionate about creating new full-length ballets and touring these as widely as possible reaching audiences who otherwise might not have access to high quality dance. Our dancers, technical team and Sinfonia tour for more than 25 weeks a year giving in excess of 160 performances. I would like to thank the Malakhov Foundation and the Jury for this recognition.”


Northern Ballet was nominated in one of 13 categories at the awards where Northern Ballet Premier DancerKenneth Tindall was also nominated in the category of Best Young Choreographer.




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