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Open-class: classroom behaviour (that everyone thought was just a common sense but obviously not!)


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There is a very amusing and long running thread about Audience Behaviour in this Forum. I thought we could do with the adult ballet open-class version as well - the behaviour that anyone over 25 and with sound mind should have known, even without any previous ballet experience.


Recently (but unfortunatly not the first time) I saw someone who just walked into a studio and started to stretch in that studio, even though another ballet class was going on (she was coimg to the next class - oh, by the way, she was not a total beginner).


One of the stuff at the Studio just happened to pass by, and told her to keep out of the studio while class is going on.  This girl protested "why, what is wrong with this! I am not in anyone's way!".


Luckily the Studio had a written  policy of not allowing anyone to watch a class "inside" the studio unless a permission was given by the instructor of that particular class beforehand. So, the policy was pointed out, and she got out of the studio (however not without some protest. She dared to challenge the Studio stuff  "but that teacher didn't say anything! If I was doing somethhing wrong, she would tell me!").


But then, I thought it just was a common sense, noone above the age of 18 should have to be told...  And this woman looked she was at least around 27.


Unfortunately we seems to live in the world when one askes for a common courtesy, one gets accused of "snobbish' "elitest" or '"cliquey"....  But some of the behaviour are just rude, and IMHO, particularly if one is coming to a ballet class billed above "general" level, it is a disrespect in itself to make ballet teacher point out that sort of common sense level faux pas.


Well, my rant over. What is yours?  That mobile phone beeping as you attempt some fondu???

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Well, that thread is more for those things all beginners' of ballet should have been told.  For example if one cannot pick up enchainement quickly, then one should not place one's self in the front row for the centre exercise.


 This thread is intended for more for things one should be expected to apply common sense - like switching off your mobile phone (or keep it in silent mode) during your class.


I am linking the Audience Behaviour link here: http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/1654-audience-behaviour/page-1

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Well, mobile phones.


Occationally someone forgets to set it to a silent mode, and that's ok.


Problem is when someone runs to her/his phone AND answers the phone in the middle of the class.  And In the studio! (and clearly it wasn't an emergency...).  I can't think why anyone can refrain from taking a call for just 90 minutes.  OK, there are rare occasions when such calls must be taken but at least one could quietly excuse one's self. outside the studio....Those who do take phone (and luckily, I have only seen 3 cases over more than a decade) are never doctors on call...

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