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The "heart-warming" Kenneth MacMillan

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What a difference a word makes. The organizers of a ballet appreciation course I'm teaching in the fall changed the wording in my course outline from "Kenneth MacMillan's heart-wrenching duets" to "Kenneth MacMillan's heart-warming duets". Makes him sound all warm and fuzzy. They'll be in for a shock when I show them Mayerling!!! And can you imagine if I were foolish enough to show them Judas Tree??? (Fortunately it hasn't gone to press and I told them they had to change it back)

Just wanted to share that with people who would understand...

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He must surely have created at least *one* "heart-warming" pdd in his career, mustn't he? I don't quite think Elite Syncopations or Concerto qualify.

I would nominate the pas de deux between the drunken Lescaut and his Mistress in "Manon" as heartwarming - it certainly always makes me smile!

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