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Miami City Ballet announces new AD

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Janet: The NY Times link earlier today has been updated to reflect the announcement. Later in that piece, referring to her position with Morphoses, the article notes that she was not answering calls. The MCB announcement has her going there "from her current position as Director of Morphoses." (My italics - but that immediately says to me that she will not continue with both companies, and I'd be a little surprised if Morphoses can withstand another directorial departure. I believe it had become a pick-up company after Chris Wheeldon's departure, put together for a specific run, and the ballet.co reviews archive reveals only one show, Bacchae, late last year. Unless someone else is prepared to take things on, that looks like the end.)

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Whilst I am very sad that Ed Villella has been so badly treated after all he has done for Miami City Ballet, and which was on tremendous form in Paris last summer thanks to his direction, I can think of no one better to take the company over than Lopez. Miami has a tremendous Balanchine rep, which it dances very well, generally better than City Ballet nowadays, and Lopez was a fantastic Balanchine dancer. When I first used to see her Balanchine was still around and he gave her lots of ballets which she danced with great energy and personality. Whatever the doubts about her role in Morphoses, her time there has given her relevant managerial and directorial experience.

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