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Seating at the Linbury - Advice please

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I am hoping to attend a couple of performances at The Linbury next year and I was just wondering about the seating.


Is it static seating or can it be re-arranged depending on the performance?


Is the front row OK?


Is it well raked if the front row is not available?


Thanks in advance.

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And yes, the seating can be rearranged, quite substantially (see, e.g. Metamorphosis or Hansel & Gretel), although it's usually pretty much as shown on the seating plan (although you may find the end bits of the "slips" get removed according to the requirements of the production).

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I recommend row M for best legroom and view. Row L is to be avoided - less legroom there than other rows. The reason for this is to do with the mechanics of the moveable seating system which places the seats in this row slightly further forward,

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