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Rambert free events

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Have just requested a tour and class option and rehearsal plus Q and Q and a couple of classes.


Not expecting toget all as assume because they are free they may limit tickets etc.

but thanks for this info.

I'm sure I'm on their mailing list but don't remember receiving anything better check!!

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Just got email this morning confirming that all the things I asked for I have been given!! Must be a birthday present!!


So my birthday week will be very dance orientated what a week it will be now!


Dec 1st- City Academy Swan Lake workshop


Dec2nd - ballet class at the new Rambert premises

Dec3rd- tour of building and watching part of Rambert class

Dec3rd- a bit later on contemporary class

Dec 7th- rehearsal with Q and A


Dec7th eve- R and J at ROH Osipova and Acosta.


That's got to be the best week ever :) so thanks Josephine for letting us know about these Rambert events am a very happy lady :)

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Had a lovely time yesterday looking at the new Rambert building behind the National Theatre. Absolutely everything has been thought of except perhaps for a public cafe!!

I did the ballet class on Monday night.....fairly basic level....which suited me as slightly injured at mo. this was with Hugo in the Mercury studio on level 4.....beautiful to work in pretty huge as all the main spaces there are.

The changing rooms are great too with lockers to put stuff in so don't have to carry everything up the stairs etc definitely an improvement! No floor space clogged up with coats and bags!!


The best thing though was watching the company class.....centre work.....so inspiring.....the dancers just terrific in their energy they seemed to be having such fun!!


Am looking forward to Saturday now to the rehearsal and contemporary class in the afternoon.

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LinMM which one was you. I was there too as one of the men as was Tony Nandy another photographer, sadly we were not allowed to take pictures so we can't show you the various spaces.  The class was fun too - in the morning not the evening.  Great to put names to the faces. Lucky Rambert to have such a great building.  I agree about the lack of a cafe I was ready for refreshment after the tour.

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We were lucky enough to be invited to the evening event, wonderful building, so pleased for all the Company. Highlight was watching Christopher Bruce rehearse Rooster. Can't wait to see it after Christmas. Lovely evening and we were made very welcome.

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Johnross........ was the one all in blue!! Probably the only one who still had a coat on so was baking by the time we watched the ballet class......The tallest of the ladies at least! I asked a question about the floors as with so much concrete around was interested in how the floors had been sprung!! So which one were you?!


At the moment the place looks very pristine....the minimalist approach with all the exposed concrete etc just hope it wears and ages well

Do you think it will?


I really did like the studios though and the dancers must be thrilled with their green room bit and the outside terrace area.


I didn't exactly go along with the reasoning on their being no public cafe though.......that there was already a lot of provision in the area. This is true of course but I still think they would do well with the level of public access and classes planned there and other visitors for watching the smaller events there. I wasn't thinking of a huge restaurant just a small cafe selling the basics like tea/coffee sandwiches etc.

I suppose though that it is different from the National Theatre for instance in that its not an actual main performance space and the public at large may be more likely to idly call in if wanting to pick up performance info etc.


I wonder what is happening with the piece of land immediately to the right as you face the building? Wasn't there talk of some new theatre for Dance planned on another thread here? That cold be an ideal spot.......right next to the Rambert Company building!!!

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LinMM, I was the shortest man in the room with glasses, slightly portly and wearing a grey jacket. Sorry we could not identify. Perhaps administrators we could have a BalletcoForum pin that we could wear to identify members at various functions.

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