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  1. It's a medium. I have got the two skirts mixed up and the black is a Capezio and the white is Bloch sorry can't edit post now.
  2. FOR SALE: Bloch Black tutu skirt £15 worn once + £2.50 p+p Stage boutique adult small White lacy dress £20 originally from Australia + £2 P=p Capezio Flesh bra/crop top clear shoulder and back strap medium (brand new with tags) £5 + £1.50 p+p Anatomy and kinesiology for ballet teachers book Author- Eivind Thomasen and Rachel- Anne Rist £4 + £1.50 p+p Point shoe tips and tricks book Author Angela Reinhardt £4 = £1.50 p+p Dance dezines lyrical Burgundy dress size 3 ( there was a tear in the skirt where it attached to the bodice this has been repaired hence low price) £4 + £1.50 p+p Capezio Black catsuit size Medium (brand new with tags) £15 + £2 p+p Weissman Sequin purple lyrical dress size extra large child (brand new from america ,never worn) £25 + £2 p+p Capezio white practice skirt size p/s is very droopy and creased Free + £2 p+p Link to photos for more photos please message email address https://flic.kr/s/aHsmFyA9xb
  3. Progressing ballet technique Senior dvd £15 + £1 for p+p RAD advanced 2 DVD £9 + £1 for p+p both excellent condtion
  4. The student offer for the first performance was £5 , the subsequent performances that had the student offer were for £10. Had an email yesterday for student standby £10 for Monday's perfomance.
  5. Dd has a friend who has just started a year long course with Jasmine Vardimon, there are people on this course from a range of backgrounds. My DD is currently at Laban and she is loving it, she has gained so much from being there.
  6. I had an email at 1pm for the student standby offer for that perfomance, probably accounts for quick sale of seats.
  7. Where did you see this? I can't find any info online.
  8. Something I have done before is to get some net fabric same colour as DD's hair and make a wide loop ( like elastic on a hat behind head) Stitch the crown to the net . You can then grip the net to hair in many places. I was lucky and got a good colour match and it did not show. Hope this makes sense.
  9. My DD did this it's a great scheme she had the best time. In my experience they don't tend to take many of the younger ones, but it is always worth trying and a great experience. During my DD's time they did give feedback after the audition but I don't know if they still do this.
  10. DD has been taught by the teachers who run the school and she would say they are some of the best teachers she has had.
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