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PRESS RELEASE: RAD announces exciting event to encourage more boys into dance

Jan McNulty

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Date: 12/03/24


Royal Academy of Dance to hold event in celebration of getting boys into dance



Image by Amanda Clark.


Next month from 6-7 April, leading dance training and education provider Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) will hold a range of exciting events celebrating boys in dance.


Project B Celebration will be held at the RAD’s international HQ in London, as part of a wider weekend of celebratory events to recognise emerging young male and male-identifying dancers. Events will include participatory workshops, talks and a competition (judged by One Dance UK’s Andrew Hurst and British icon Sir Richard Alston), which will allow male and male-identifying participants to embrace choreography and performance.


The RAD will open its doors and share further learning, talking and dancing together with inspiring teachers and professionals from the industry, to find and support talent and encourage emerging male dancers. The weekend of activities is part of the RAD’s Project B initiative, designed to widen access to dance for boys.


The benefits of dance and movement patterns on young males, and those who identify as male, are numerous. Dance develops kinaesthetic memory, strength and endurance, creating a solid platform for physical development and level of fitness.


Although there are clear benefits, there is still a lack of young male dancers. Over the years the RAD has been an advocate and champion of encouraging boys to take up different dance styles. Back in 2017 the RAD partnered with Marylebone Cricket Club on a new primary school project aimed at encouraging more boys to do ballet, and more girls to play cricket. Over a six-week period, the project – dubbed Dance Down the Wicket – used dance and sport to develop each groups’ balance, confidence and communication and teamwork skills.


The RAD’s new Artistic Director and Royal Ballet Principal Alexander Campbell was ambassador for this project. Speaking of the importance of encouraging boys into dance, Alexander said: “Opportunities and events such as Project B Celebration are so important in raising awareness of and celebrating emerging male dancers. Being able to engage with other likeminded people who loved ballet and dance was a huge inspiration to me throughout my training and career. By providing this platform the hope is that these dancers will continue to support each other and become the dancers who inspire and educate the next generation.”


Taking place from 6-7 April, the weekend of activities suitable for everyone will include:


  • Project B Celebration: A dance competition on 7 April that enables emerging young male dancers to embrace choreography and performance
  • Dance training events and CPDs on how to support male and male-identifying dancers
  • A range of boys-only dance classes including: hip hop, body percussion (family sessions included), street dance and ballet in our stunning RAD studios delivered by leading male practitioners
  • A session featuring a talk with Andrew Hurst, CEO of One Dance UK and former dancer with Rambert, alongside Project B Ambassador Iain Mackay and Project B Competition coach Josh Tuifua (plus other guests) as they discuss their personal dance journeys, their experiences with Project B and what the future holds
  • A photo exhibition called Men and Dance, where participants submit photos to be displayed at the Royal Academy of Dance HQ during the month of April.    



Entry to the competition is still open until 15 March so if you are or know of an aspiring male dancer age 8-17 years’ old, head to the RAD’s website to apply: https://www.royalacademyofdance.org/event/project-b-competition-2024/




To book your tickets for the workshops, watch the competition and other events visit: https://www.royalacademyofdance.org/whats-on/




Notes to Editors


About the Royal Academy of Dance


Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is one of the most influential dance education and training organisations in the world with a strong global membership in 85 countries. Established in 1920 to improve standards and re-invigorate dance training, the Academy helps and encourages its teachers to perfect their teaching skills and pass on this knowledge to their students. There are currently over 1,000 students in full-time or part-time teacher training programmes with the Academy and each year the examination syllabus is taught to thousands of young people worldwide, with around a quarter of a million pupils per year going on to take RAD exams.



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The RAD is branching into other genres so it will not be ballet only and will be moving more towards its name 'Dance' not ballet.


(Long-term teacher who is not particularly happy about this when so many other established dance organisations offer other genres.)

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1 hour ago, LaCamargo said:

The RAD is branching into other genres so it will not be ballet only and will be moving more towards its name 'Dance' not ballet.



Oh dear.

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On 12/03/2024 at 14:37, Jan McNulty said:

Back in 2017 the RAD partnered with Marylebone Cricket Club on a new primary school project aimed at encouraging more boys to do ballet, and more girls to play cricket.

Reading the RAD article, this part made me laugh...yep, we actually need more boys to take up dance & need to put an awful lot of girls off from doing it as way way too many with the same dreams/talent/training but but not the jobs for the vast majority the end. move girls This almost suggests they want to move girls into other fields! To be fair, many would be wise to do just that....wonder if there are more properly paid jobs in cricket for female players than ballet dancers?? Hmmm....

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