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  1. Over the years, all my students have taken their vocational exams in the Genee. The only ones to wear make-up were the slightly older students and then it was light eye make-up with a light base if they did not feel happy about their skin. I would advise your daughter to do whatever makes her feel confident within the RAD guidelines. Good luck to all candidates doing exams in these very challenging times.
  2. My IF students do not wear make-up other than perhaps clear mascara. Some use lip balm to stop them licking their lips due to nerves. RAD guidance What to wear | Royal Academy of Dance
  3. Such very sad news. https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/toronto-on/katherine-barber-10168613
  4. AmandaBallet - have sent you a private message.
  5. Nowadays there is plenty of choice for nude dance underwear in various cuts for those who feel more comfortable (and therefore more confident) wearing knickers under their leotard. They are available in very small sizes for children too. In its specification the RAD states that, for exams, it is not acceptable for a teacher to prohibit candidates from wearing underwear.
  6. Watched this morning. A wonderful insightful film. The opening words summarise my own feelings about ballet pushing physical limits and losing artistry and expression. Such subtlety of line and neat, fast footwork demonstrated. Far more beautiful than the hyperextended 180 tricks we see so much today. The film is worth viewing for the glimpses of all those ballet stars of days gone by. Thank you for making us aware of this, Jan .
  7. Detailed report is £40 per candidate and needs to be requested within ten days of the result being issued. Details may be found on the RAD website. https://media.royalacademyofdance.org/media/2020/11/19124935/20201116-complaints-enquiries-about-results-and-appeals-policy.pdf
  8. DanceTeacher have sent you a private message.
  9. DanceTeacher We are in similar situation to you. Our students who took postponed vocational exams at HQ have received marks very much lower than anticipated and when compared with their previous vocational results. If anything, they had improved on their exam readiness from March. Increasingly, we are finding vocational marks are hard to predict. A couple of years ago when we did query a mark, it turned into a very protracted process. All four candidates (from different dancing schools) received marks up to 20 marks below what they had received for their previous vocational exam.
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