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  1. I used a camera on a tripod. Did some test filming beforehand and marked out areas of the studio that were out of shot. Due to the shape and layout of the studio, repositioned camera between barre and centre while keeping it running. Performance quality and expression are most definitely harder to capture on film due their nuances and subtlety at times. I write a 'script' for each exam to ensure that everything is included. The RAD guidance on how to conduct filmed exams is very thorough.
  2. It depends whether your daughter wishes to enter pupils for exams as in the UK there is, oddly, no legal requirement for a dance teacher working in a private studio situation to have any dance teaching qualifications at all. The route would be to complete a teacher training course with an awarding organisation such as the ISTD, bbodance, RAD, IDTA etc which all offer various teacher training qualifications. RBS has a teaching course but those I know who have done this are also qualified with other bodies. Some of these give credit for prior learning and they all have distance learning/locally based learning options. Do read the rubric very carefully as some clearly state that they are 'general' dance teaching and then the trainee teacher would have to spend more time learning and increasing knowledge of a particular syllabus/organisation's style and costs can mount up. Do look for teacher training that offers good current input on child/adolescent development, safeguarding and safe dance practice and which is headed up by dance practitioners who are in touch with what it is like to work in a studio situation. If your daughter has focused on training in a particular ballet method, she may feel drawn towards studying with that particular awarding body.
  3. Passing Intermediate in the genre is one of the units of the DDE. This can be undertaken while doing the course as people come from a range of dance backgrounds and experience.
  4. Full time substantial dance teacher training apart from the RAD (there may be others). Preston College https://www.preston.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/PC-Dance-Prospectus-19-web.pdf (finance through student loan though extra cost for DDE) KS Dance http://ksd-online.co.uk/teachers-course/ (Cecchetti Ballet rather than Imperial) Chichester College with Uni of Chichester - Degree Dance Teaching in the Private Sector with ISTD DDEs (finance through student loan - DDE included) https://digital.ucas.com/coursedisplay/courses/6bc6ef19-5e48-4b32-afbb-5828024c6643?SearchText= Various other well-established part-time teaching courses in all parts of the country for DDE which can be studied alongside further training, work etc. University of Gloucester used to have DDE offered alongside its Dance degree but not sure if it still has that option.
  5. Sent a DM about suitable courses.
  6. Over the years, all my students have taken their vocational exams in the Genee. The only ones to wear make-up were the slightly older students and then it was light eye make-up with a light base if they did not feel happy about their skin. I would advise your daughter to do whatever makes her feel confident within the RAD guidelines. Good luck to all candidates doing exams in these very challenging times.
  7. My IF students do not wear make-up other than perhaps clear mascara. Some use lip balm to stop them licking their lips due to nerves. RAD guidance What to wear | Royal Academy of Dance
  8. Such very sad news. https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/toronto-on/katherine-barber-10168613
  9. AmandaBallet - have sent you a private message.
  10. Nowadays there is plenty of choice for nude dance underwear in various cuts for those who feel more comfortable (and therefore more confident) wearing knickers under their leotard. They are available in very small sizes for children too. In its specification the RAD states that, for exams, it is not acceptable for a teacher to prohibit candidates from wearing underwear.
  11. Watched this morning. A wonderful insightful film. The opening words summarise my own feelings about ballet pushing physical limits and losing artistry and expression. Such subtlety of line and neat, fast footwork demonstrated. Far more beautiful than the hyperextended 180 tricks we see so much today. The film is worth viewing for the glimpses of all those ballet stars of days gone by. Thank you for making us aware of this, Jan .
  12. Detailed report is £40 per candidate and needs to be requested within ten days of the result being issued. Details may be found on the RAD website. https://media.royalacademyofdance.org/media/2020/11/19124935/20201116-complaints-enquiries-about-results-and-appeals-policy.pdf
  13. DanceTeacher have sent you a private message.
  14. DanceTeacher We are in similar situation to you. Our students who took postponed vocational exams at HQ have received marks very much lower than anticipated and when compared with their previous vocational results. If anything, they had improved on their exam readiness from March. Increasingly, we are finding vocational marks are hard to predict. A couple of years ago when we did query a mark, it turned into a very protracted process. All four candidates (from different dancing schools) received marks up to 20 marks below what they had received for their previous vocational exam. As the process was taking so much time and effort and the HQ responses we received were not very supportive, the students decided not to pursue it further but to draw a line under it and move on. It certainly left a slightly sour taste especially as they know that they are stronger dancers than the cohort after them who were awarded higher marks by a different examiner. In recent years, we have found some of our AEC grade exam results surprising with confident dancers with questionable technique scoring far more highly than those with good solid understanding and demonstration but who are still developing their performance skills. In a handful of cases the students have facility and physique but certainly are a long way off using it correctly so my colleagues and I have been left scratching our heads at times with just marks and no comments being given these days. 🤔 Interestingly, there is a Google review from about a year ago raising similar concerns. We are mulling over what to do with the current results. Am a long time reader of this forum with over 20 years’ teaching experience and a number of students joining associate schemes and starting vocational training each year.
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