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Are you more likely to get a final audition at Elmhurst if you are part of Young Dancers


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Hi, my daughter recently applied for Elmhurst full time school but didn’t get through to the finals. She is a JA, and has performed with BRB. All of her friends who are also do ‘Young Dancers’ have all got through to the final audition. 

She is absolutely gutted. Is it worth auditioning her for extended dancers, will this give her more opportunity. The classes on a Saturday will impact her normal dancing lessons.


So confused as to what to do for the best, she has gained a place as a young dancer but at the time we couldn’t commit so had to turn it down.

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My younger girl Young Dancer didn’t make finals either time she applied for Elmhurst but got/had an MDS elsewhere.  

However my boy Young Dancer did end up at Elmhurst and I think all but one of his class had been Young Dancers and/or JAs.  

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Thank you, non of her JA friends got through but all who did young dancers and JA got through to the finals; it is probably just coincidence. In one hand it’s only fair as they have invested in Elmhurst and have been trained there. I just wondered if they have to take a certain percentage and if it would be worth exploring her doing extended dancers xx

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My daughter is a JA and Young Dancer. She didn't make semis for WL, or finals at Elmhurst. She has been offered place elsewhere but is hoping to do the extended programme. 

4 girls and 2 boys in her YD class auditioned and only one girl and the boys made finals. 

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