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Hello I’m looking for two tickets for Don Quixote at Royal Opera House on 11th November at 7pm. If anyone is thinking of selling could you please contact me. My son is in the show and his grandmother would love to come and watch him. She lives overseas and can only attend on this date but it is sold out. 
Thanks in advance. 

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You may be able to get tickets in the Friday Rush on 10 November. 

If your son is in the company, he’ll be able to speak to the right staff member. 

If your son is one of the two JAs, speak with the head of the JAs programme, or one of the chaperones or ring the box office 

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43 minutes ago, alison said:

@Boysballetmum If you're feeling relatively rich, there are currently quite a few tickets showing online.

Thank you so much Alison I’ve managed to get two tickets. Didn’t want to pay £67 each and would have left it to the Friday rush but wanted to make sure my mum could see her grandson. 

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