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New Year Sale 2023: ENB Nutcracker/Swan Lake; Bourne Sleeping Beauty


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Many thanks. As I have a Mastercard I thought I would see what was available this morning. As someone who has done his fair bit of complaining about the ROH website/ticketing in recent years, it is only fair to say that this wasn’t great either.

Logging on dead on 10am for the start of booking I - with a bit of fiddling about (one is taken through a succession of sites and pages to reach a booking page) - managed to use this to get a cut price ticket.

But then at 10.15 I thought I would splash out and get another for another performance: chaos now ruled. It seemed the whole of the UK was trying to access the pages. Sites crashed, pages froze, eventually a screen came up which said they had too much traffic but would let me in due course. It was 10.45 before I got back in, but found plenty of sale seats still available. 

So, in summary, slow but good cheap(er) seats still to be had for certain performances (not weekends or end of weeks). Lizbie1, I appreciate the tip, never having known about this before. 

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