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ROH promo trailer

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Doesn't do anything for me, I'm afraid. If committed ballet goers can't relate to it how are ordinary members of the public supposed to be enthused by it? Also, how much does it cost to produce something like this? however much is involved I'm sure it could be money better spent elsewhere. if it is to promote the coming season, far better to show brief clips from the very dramatic ballets that can be seen then. if people buy tickets expecting to see something like this they are going to be very disappointed!!

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its an "extraordinary world" - and Elsa Goddard and Leticia Stock look fabulous!


We saw this at the cinema showing of Nutcracker the other week - it was certainly eye-catching, and attention grabbing I thought. The previous one had a few dancers throwing reams of paper out of filing cabinets making the office look very untidy! Don't believe its meant to be an advert for a particular piece (opera or ballet) - just to catch your eye and make you possibly investigate.

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