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Ailey (documentary)

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I went to the cinema to see Ailey on Tuesday evening.


I thought it was a beautiful tribute to Alvin Ailey with the last 10 minutes or so being very moving.


The documentary started with us seeing Alvin Ailey at an evening being held in his honour and showing a snippet of Revelations as he was sat in the auditorium with the Reagans.  It covered his early life and and career and there were plenty of snippets of him and his work.  I particularly liked the archive film showing the conditions that his family would have faced during the depression of the 1930s, moving from place to place looking for work.


The documentary covered how he kept his private life private to protect his company.


There were tributes to him including some beautiful words from Judith Jamison that basically had me in bits.


One of my earliest recollections as a ballet watcher was seeing London Festival Ballet performing his Night Creature and I have seen his company performing on a number of occasions in the UK - always ending the evening with the life-affirming Revelations.  His company and this documentary keep his memory and his legacy alive.


It is available for streaming online from today.

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Sounds very interesting, looking forward to watching it!

I haven’t seen his company before and don’t know much about them so I was searching on YouTube and the official page for the Lincoln Centre has a full performance of Revelations from 2015 in case anyone is interested- I think it’s amazing! 


There’s also a video of the whole show with the other pieces they performed (also posted by the Lincoln Centre) but haven’t had time to watch that yet. 

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Revelations is amazing :)  I've been watching it since 1992 and rarely if ever tire of it.  And "life enhancing" works too :)  


I suspect that whole Ailey programme is probably the one which appeared on Sky Arts the other week.  Keep an eye out for it - if Sky's usual practice is anything to go by, it'll be back.  And back.  And back ... :)

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