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RAD filmed exams (how long to wait for results)


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  • Jan McNulty changed the title to RAD filmed exams (how long to wait for results)
52 minutes ago, DancingShoes said:

My dd's result took about 5 weeks although not had the certificate yet.

Thank you! 

That’s exactly what I was looking for, just a rough estimate of how long the results might take. 

I haven’t been involved in the technical/recording/submitting side (thankfully!). 

Hopefully we might hear soon 🤞🏼 

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I was literally just coming on here to ask the same question! My dd is doing her filmed exam as I type and I was wondering on results time as last year it wasn’t great🥴 She did her last exam on 4th November and didn’t get the result until 25th Jan, so just under three months! Very much hoping they have got used to the system a bit more now and we might not have to wait so long this time🤞

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If they seem to be taking a long time it might be worthwhile contacting them.  We did and then discovered that they hadn't received all the forms!  We resubmitted a couple and once that was done they did try to speed things up.  We got the results eventually after about 10 weeks.  I'm not holding my breath for receiving the certificates!

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