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Erik Bruhn Competition 2012 Results

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a clean sweep for the Royal Danish Ballet entry, with Ida Praetorius and Andreas Kaas winning the best dancer awards and Alessandro Sousa Pereira (of Danish Dance Theatre) winning the choreographic prize for his piece "Traditional" to music by Zoe Keating.

Audience favourite award for best male dancer to Royal Ballet's James Hay, who I felt all evening was in a close race with the Danish guy.

I also liked Liam Scarlett's choreography the best of the five contemporary creations.

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Thanks for that, Katherine. Praetorius danced the student in The Lesson recently, didn't she? I'm pleased to see that James Hay was appreciated. Congratulations to all the winners - and everyone who took part as well. After all, being chosen to compete must be something of an honour in itself.

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