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Adult ballet classes - current hygiene recommendations?


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I can't pointe to guidance, but we're coming in 'socially distanced' and wearing a mask, through the entrance, sanitising hands as we do so. Sitting/putting our coats/bags on a chair which are spread out around the edge of the room ( take mask off ), and then going to stand in/on our 'spot' in 'our 'box' ( 2 metre square ) we then dance totally within our boxes. apart from one dance where we go round the room, but somehow it works! 

When we chat, we stay in our boxes. 


at the end we return to our chairs and collect our belongings and put a mask on. We then leave through the exit ( so a different door - one way system through the studios ) again, socially distanced. 


In theory we then distance until we reach our cars, in practice we take our masks off as outside and stand and chat!



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13 hours ago, Jane said:


Does this " Read the guidance on what avoiding contact means for your sport" mean that netball finally gets to be played as it should be played - as a non-contact sport? :)

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