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Helgi Tomasson to leave San Francisco Ballet in 2022

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The article doesn't seem to cover the impressive digital season the company is offering from 21 January to 9 June.

There will be 7 separate programmes. They include 2 full time Balanchine ballets (Midsummer Night's Dream, Jewels) and 2 full length productions by Helgi Tomasson himself (Romeo and Juliet, Swan Lake) and 3 triple bills, including world premieres ( Myles Thatcher, Danielle Rowe, Cathy Marston- 'Mrs Robinson'), all on separate programmes. Other choreographers represented include Mark Morris, Ratmansky, Possokhov.

Subscribers paying for the full season can watch each programme for the duration that it is available (approx 20 days) and access extras. Alternatively, it is possible to rent programmes separately, available to watch for 24 hours.

I found out via an email as a supporter (the company has such amazing rep, possibly the best anywhere, and tremendous dancers) but presumably the full info is available from their website.

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I've just checked the announcement that Alison has helpfully posted. The ballets listed in the latest announcement are the same as listed in June, but the order is very different eg Midsummer Night's Dream is Jan 21 - Feb 10, Jewels is April 1 - 21, R&J is May 6 - 26, Swan Lake is May 20 -9 June.

The composition of the mixed bills varies too:

Feb 11 - Mar 3: Rhoden, Thatcher, Morris

Mar 4-24 : Ratmansky, Rowe, Possokhov

Apr 22 - May 12 : Tomasson, Marston, Dawson

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