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Lovely Coincidence

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Yesterday was my first proper trip to London since 12 March. I am attending the Opera Holland Park concert this evening to support three of my artists who are singing and decided to accept an invitation to go to yesterday’s Heart’s Delight concert as well to support friends and colleagues who were performing, as well as OHP who have shown such initiative providing live music opportunities for both performers and audiences.


I didn’t have much time at check in to my hotel so literally washed my hands and face, dropped my bag and headed to Holland Park.


Returning later after the concert and dinner, I was concerned to find that the duvet cover had stains on it (and this was a reputable Hotel) and asked to move rooms. Face wash, teeth clean and bed.


Waking up this morning I was astonished to see on the wall a photograph of the famous statue of David Wall by Enzo Plazzotto on Millbank. He was my hero when I was a Junior Associate at the Royal Ballet School and I was completely astonished at the serendipity of the situation.




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Obviously meant to be in that room all along! 

But in the current climate I think it was very remiss of the Hotel to not give you absolutely clean bedclothes etc. Though I’m sure it was clean but some staines are difficult to remove Nevertheless it doesn’t then give you a great deal of confidence in their other cleaning regimes!!! 

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