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A Bit of Sunday Silliness...


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It seems from the link below that Liam Scarlett was the youngest person ever to have joined the RB....."he has been with the Royal Ballet for 16 years". As he is 25, that would mean he joined at the grand old age of 9! Also, it would appear that Ricardo Cervera has been promoted to Principal without any of us knowing :)




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maybe they are including time spent as a Junior associate, at White Lodge and at the Upper School? that would work out correct - although Royal Ballet School not technically Royal Ballet.


EDIT - and I just checked and in an interview Liam said the following


“It is such an honour to be made Artist in Residence. For the past 16 years The Royal Ballet School and The Royal Ballet have been my home and it is with immense pride that I accept this position."


sunday silliness - the google translation of Sergei Polunin's bion on the Kultura TV Ballet competition show is as follows


"...and at 19 became the youngest prime minister in the history of the theater."

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Exactly, Stirrups....if it had said 'been at the RBS and then the RB' or 'has spent 16 years associated with RB first at its school, then in the company'....fine!!


Well maybe one day Sergei will be prime minister of somewhere :)

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