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Kathryn Morgan gone from Miami City Ballet roster

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I  would not be surprised if she is on the move.  


When she was on the US Today Show she was quite candid about the  difficulties of being the 'right' weight in the ballet world.  This encompassed her time at NYCB but also Miami City Ballet. Then in her interview with Megan Fairchild (NYCB principal) she was again very open about some frustrations with casting i.e. that she  was taken out of Firebird last year because she was 'not in shape enough'.  (36:00)



Her boyfriend, Christopher Sellars, recently retired from Ballet West and now teaches in their trainee program  This meant a Florida - Salt Lake City relationship.

She spoke about him (at around 39:00).  He is very happy to have given up his performance career and was very ready to take on a new challenge.  They are both passionate about educating the next generation.  She has put up some online classes with him on her Youtube channel. 


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Wow, this is sudden!

I remember on Instagram she said she was going to spend lockdown in Utah with her boyfriend. I wonder if she's moved completely.


I'm sure speculation about her position started when she spoke up about what happened on Firebird. But I think Katie has been through so, so much that she just didn't want to keep quiet. And you know what? I understand her and I think she's pushing for a little more openness in ballet about what happens and what goes on, so speaking up was probably the right thing to do.

But I guess Miami didn't agree. 

A shame. As Jan said, I was rooting for her so, so much. 

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I believe she is teaching at the Ballet West Summer Intensive.  That is pretty common for professional dancers in their summer breaks.   

She still has 'Miami City Ballet soloist in her Instagram bio but in May posted that she was taking a break from/reducing her social media.


I think it was huge for her to get a contract again after so long away.  She can tick that box and move on.

Her work around body issues is so important.

She is a wonderful advocate for change in the ballet world.  

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