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RAD Intermediate track list?


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Dear forum, 


would anyone have the track listing to help me identify some of music for the RAD Intermediate exercises? I recognise about half, but am struggling with the remaining. I already have the RAD videos, but this is more about learning the background for interpretation, etc :)


1. Plies

2. Battements Fondus

3. Battements Frappes

4. Adage

5. Grands Battements

6. Pirouettes en Dehors

7. Rises (pointe)
8. Releves passes devant

9. Pose & coupe fouette Raccourci

10. Releves & Echappes releves


Thank you so much!

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In answer to your question - this is what I have on my CD sleeve:


1. Plies - The Pharaoh's Daughter, Act 1, no 3 by Cesare Pugni
2. Battements Fondus - Hanbanera by Andre Messager

3. Battements Frappes - Coda Act 1 from Pharaoh's Daughter by Cesare Pugni

4. Adage - Adagio from Theolinda, ou, Le lutin de la vallee, by Cesare Pugni

5. Grands Battements - Barcarole Walzer; La Jaca de Terciopelo by Emile Waldteufel

6. Pirouettes en Dehors - Zina's Variation, Act 2 no 31 from The Limpid Stream by Dmitri Shostakovich

7. Rises - The Earle of Salisbury Pavane by William Byrd

8. Releves passes devant - Etude Op. 355 no 1 by Carl Czerny

9. Pose & coupe fouette Raccourci - Pas de Bohemiens from Esmeralda by Riccardo Drigo

10. Releves and Echappes releves - La Truandaise from Esmeralda by Cesare Pugni


Hope that helps.

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As you can see now from the CD cover you missed out loads of exercises! 


Pliés , Battement Tendus, Battement Glissés and Jetés, Rond de jambe à terre, Fondus, Frappés, Petits battements, Ronds de jambe en l'air, Adage, Grands Battements and Grands Battement en clóche.


Ports de bras, Centre practise and pirouettes en dehors, Pirouettes en dedans, Adage, Allegro 1, Allegro 2, (Free enchainement), Allegro 3.

Variation  1 or 2


Rises, Relevé passé derrière, Relevé passé devant, Posé and coupé fouetté raccourci

Temps lié, Relevé and échappé relevé, Reverence 


I hope that's everything!  Of course you also have the extra music for boys on the disc plus music for the free enchainements.

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