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  1. Hi JanJas, I've sent you a private message. More than happy to answer all your questions as have DD currently at the school.
  2. Hi, In answer to your question - this is what I have on my CD sleeve: 1. Plies - The Pharaoh's Daughter, Act 1, no 3 by Cesare Pugni 2. Battements Fondus - Hanbanera by Andre Messager 3. Battements Frappes - Coda Act 1 from Pharaoh's Daughter by Cesare Pugni 4. Adage - Adagio from Theolinda, ou, Le lutin de la vallee, by Cesare Pugni 5. Grands Battements - Barcarole Walzer; La Jaca de Terciopelo by Emile Waldteufel 6. Pirouettes en Dehors - Zina's Variation, Act 2 no 31 from The Limpid Stream by Dmitri Shostakovich 7. Rises - The Earle of Salisbury Pavane by William Byrd 8. Releves passes devant - Etude Op. 355 no 1 by Carl Czerny 9. Pose & coupe fouette Raccourci - Pas de Bohemiens from Esmeralda by Riccardo Drigo 10. Releves and Echappes releves - La Truandaise from Esmeralda by Cesare Pugni Hope that helps.
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