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  1. Hi To the Pointe Parent. Congratulations to your daughter! We are in the same situation as you! I believe that QAH is only allowed to provide housing to certain schools/universities moving forward, although in the past they did allow ENBS students. My daughter would also like to live where the majority of other students are going to board. I believe there are a few that are going to book at Lightfoot Hall and Bowden Court. I'm in the process of gathering all the required paperwork materials - VISA, academic record, etc... and then hope to arrange the accommodation soon. If you would like to PM I'd be happy to discuss some of our details!
  2. Our deadline for to accept or decline a position for fall 2021 was April 20th. Good luck!
  3. Thank you! Mummy twinkle toes - was the youth hostel the Queen Alexander House? Thanks for the information regarding the potential move of studios!
  4. Hello! We are also searching for some of the same answers. If anyone has a child a ENBS (or attended in the recent past) and could share some insight it would be appreciated! Trying to make a quick deadline decision about attendance for fall 2021/2022 year.
  5. Hi MariCat and Valentina, I seem to recall reading that there would not be any evaluations during the summer course for the year round training and that those auditions were going to be held separately. Perhaps I am incorrect? Do you know definitely that students will be observed at CG for the year round? Also, the 2 week course is very late -in August - wouldn't they already have their placements for the fall by then?
  6. Ah yes, I was confused....I meant ENBS is still having in-person, international applicants for the final audition. Our RBS email stated that international final applicants are currently not occurring in person, but alternatives being considered. Sorry!
  7. Hello MPatti, You stated that international applicant finals are virtual. When was this announced? My daughter is an international applicant and received an invitation for an in-person final audition at the end of March with the possibility of this being cancelled due to COVID. I'm just asking if you maybe heard more up-to-date information? We haven't received any notifications of changes to this in-person invitation. We are trying to wait a little to make sure it is definite before securing flights, etc... Thanks!
  8. Just revisiting this thread to see if anyone can update the information regarding accommodations and ENBS? Did the school move locations and is this now a different issue for boarding? Is the Queen Alexandra House still being used for the students? We are traveling from out of the country and trying to assess the housing situation, prices, availability of food services, etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  9. Hello, Any specific information or updates on where the first year girls tend to board at ENB? How do they manage their nutrition?
  10. Can anyone share what to expect at the ENBS audition? There are 2 days listed for the audition. Why does the audition last for 2 days? After the audition, how long does it usually take to receive the results? Also some general questions regarding ENBS... Is there a boarding option? Their website states most students use youth hostels. Does anyone have experience with this? Does the school help arrange boarding or make recommendations? We are traveling from out of the country so I'm concerned about the boarding situation/safety/etc.. How is ENBS different from RBS? I believe RBS has boarding? Do most graduates from ENBS go on to have professional employment contracts? Does the school help with this? Thank you!
  11. Hello, Has anyone heard of this summer intensive and year-training programme in France? Any feedback or experience to share? thank you!
  12. Thanks Jan and Sam for this information! So, are there many students entering the programme after age 13 through competition scouting by an invitation? I'm wondering if the 2 -15 yrs girls that moved into the Corps de Ballet had been trained at POB from early ages? It just seems like a trend at RBS is to acquire these desirable students in the US from other schools and then claim that they have been trained at RBS. When actually, their core, fundamental training was done somewhere else. It's hard then, as a parent, to determine if the school is really "the best" for a younger, promising dancer, or more of a finishing programme leading to possible employment for a upper teen dancer that has already had solid training? As a parent of a 13 yr old, trying to decide where is the best training, it's a bit confusing. I guess my questions are asking if this is also perhaps the case at POB? Thanks again!
  13. Hello, Can anyone comment on the quality of training at Paris Opera Ballet School? My 13 yr old DD could audition this May and we are trying to evaluate if it's worth the effort. I'm also not from a dance background and find this all fairly overwhelming and hard to evaluate. I've been reading another thread about the small number of British born/raised dancers that rarely progress from WL to US. Is there a similar pattern at POB? It seems that age 13 is the last year to audition formally....so is that to assume that the students aren't assessed out and all graduate? Is the training that good that all are able to move into the Corps or find other jobs after graduation and progress through the years in the school? Are they also recruiting students from competitions (we have not gone that route yet) into the school on scholarships? Any thoughts would be welcome!!
  14. Thanks celb! Do you remember if there was any requirement regarding leotards?
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