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In terms of the Royal Opera House, there are no special  privileges and no preferential treatment for booking performances sitting in the named seat.  But I find it provides a great sense of place when visiting the Royal Opera House, even if not sitting in named seats.  A number of named seats are in memory of a loved one which certainly adds poignancy to visits, particularly when able to book that seat.  There’s chance for a private view of your seat when the name plate is in place and probably a backstage tour etc which I very much enjoyed.  And the Royal Opera House benefits from the payments which can also be gift aided.  I should say you’re naming the seat for 25 years.  I assume you’re given an option to renew but am not sure how long naming a seat has been running and if the 25 years will be coming up soon for early ‘namers’.

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On ‎16‎/‎11‎/‎2019 at 17:28, alison said:

The Clore is generally an improvement - the seats are much more comfortable.


There's one more row of seating than there used to be, and as Alison says, they are nicer than before.  However the rake is annoyingly shallow.

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