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I missed out on catching up with the Links page yesterday, but thought this one deserved highlighting:




I remember him particularly as Friar Lawrence in ENB's Romeo & Juliet, but was surprised to see the varied career he'd had prior to joining the then London Festival Ballet.

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  • alison changed the title to James Supervia, RIP

This is so sad.  At the beginning of April James sent me a lovely email with beautiful words about Kevin Richmond (another great Friar Laurence), saying how sad he had been to hear of his passing.  He apologised that he couldn't come to Kevin's memorial service because he was going into hospital himself.  I wrote back to thank him, to wish him well. and to say that I hoped it was nothing serious.  Clearly it was, and looking back, he must have already been very ill, yet he took the time out to write to someone he'd never even met.  


My condolences to James' family and friends, and may he rest in peace.  

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