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Dada contributions


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can anyone please explain how dada contributions are worked out? 


We we have been asked to provide only our p60s as evidence which puts our total pay in one bracket but quite close to the next one up. 


However I read something about employer pension contributions. If I add both of ours together this actually moves us up 2 brackets which makes quite a big difference in terms of affordability for us.


We dont have any any other income apart from child benefit. I know we would lose this if she does a level 6 course but we have a younger child as well. Do we need to include this? 


Thank you 

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Hopefully someone who’s completed DaDA paperwork will respond too as a few years since doing DD forms. I remember us having to provide rough income details early on before paperwork being sent out. Think it’s because the providers have a pot of DaDA funds to share out so need to know how far it will go fairly early on. 

I might be wrong but I remember the MDS forms needing to know every last penny and took some completing and the DaDA being much simpler not requiring so much information. 


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I'm fairly sure employer pension contributions were not taken into account.  I did have to provide dividend statements and interest earned from savings as well as P60's.  I took photocopies of what I sent off but am not 100% sure of where they are.  I'll have a look. I know that if you have a company car etc you have to provide your P11D.

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I’ve just found the photos of the forms I did last year.

You have to declare any tax credits. Then the next question is about your total income before deduction of tax or national insurance, the value of any benefits in kind, “other” income including pensions , investments/savings income, foreign income,income from properties/estates/trusts....


then the page on pensions says- “write in any personal pensions you paid into NOT including the payments to an occupational pension via your employer as this will already have been deducted using the figure on your P60 “


The photographs of the forms are too big to post but I hope that helps


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