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Bun garlands and ballet bun boxes


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Take a look at my 14 year old daughters website www.floralbuns.com. she makes the most beautiful bun garlands and bun boxes to fund her pointe shoes and currently her 4 week ENB summer school. 


Im really proud of her for taking the initiative so please just take a few minutes look  at what she makes. 

Thank you

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On 12/03/2019 at 07:36, hgib23 said:

Ps, if anyone has any ideas to help her get website noticed please let me know as I’m trying to help her but I have no experience in marketing or sales. 


You could add a signature to your profile that includes a link to her website and a short explanation.  Details of how to add a signature are included in the Acceptable Use Policy.


Instagram and twitter (both using hash tags) could also be useful.

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